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Absolute bollocks that kids believe from movies

CHILDREN are credulous idiots who are easily influenced by things they see in films. Here are some examples of Hollywood nonsense that they completely believe.

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Teen distressed to walk in on parents watching Bridgerton together

A TEENAGE boy was shocked and disgusted after walking in on his parents watching a racy scene in the new season of Bridgerton.

Six TV shows you watch like a newborn for the pretty colours and sounds

TELEVISION’S golden age is here, but it doesn’t all have to be ground-breaking. Forget critical analysis, these are the shows to watch like your skull hasn’t formed yet.

Seven films where the star is just too f**king old

TOM Cruise is back at the age of 59 to play Maverick in the new Top Gun film. Sadly, in Hollywood being much too old is no obstacle to your career, as these ill-advised roles show…

Nights out in the 1980s: A user's guide

WERE you lucky enough to come of age in the greatest ever decade for nightlife, the 1980s? Here are the rules you followed.

Teenager asks dad where he was when he heard Biggie Smalls had died

A 14-YEAR-OLD has asked his dad where he was on that fateful 1997 day when he heard that Biggie Smalls was dead.

The animals weren't doing anything, and other mental complaints people have about zoos

BEEN to the zoo recently? Then you may have made some of these complaints about animals that have been caged for your viewing pleasure.

Six hugely successful musical artists who believed in utter bollocks

ANYONE would go a bit strange if surrounded by witless fans, hangers-on and yes-men. But these artists really went the extra mile with their unhinged beliefs.

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