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The five stages of realising you won't be going to a music festival this summer

DID you optimistically buy a ticket to a festival even though it was a gamble as to whether it would happen? Here’s how to cope with realising you won't be going.

All the best music was 25 years ago, scientists in their late 40s confirm

A GROUP of leading musicologists in their late 40s have confirmed that music has gone steadily downhill since 1996.

Six bullshit things that will happen at the Oscars so you don't have to watch it

IT’S the f**king Oscars again. Here are some entirely predictable gaffes, triumphs and controversies so you don’t have to spend hours watching this smug event.

Six children's TV shows still troubling you to this day

UNLIKE the slick shows of today, the children’s TV of decades past was made by crazed surrealists on micro-budgets. Which is why these shows still keep you awake at night.

Five uncontroversial musicians for bland people

ARE you undeniably dull? Looking for musicians to create a background noise that won’t challenge you in any way?

Five shit BBC shows you weren't going to watch on Saturday afternoon anyway

Annoyed that a royal funeral has steamrollered the BBC’s Saturday afternoon schedule? These are the shit programmes you were never going to tune in for anyway.  

How to be a twat about TV shows on social media

WITH major TV shows returning to our screens, be sure to ruin them for everyone else using social media. Here are some highly annoying habits.

How we made... six f**king terrible songs

DO you love those articles explaining how iconic tracks of the past were put together? Here musical artists recall how they made the hits you f**king hate.

Nation in mourning has definitely not been watching Netflix

THE whole of the UK has spent the weekend mourning, watching documentaries about the Duke of Edinburgh, and certainly not watching Netflix.

Five horror films that are laughable now

THEY terrified you as a child, but rewatching them you’re more likely to piss yourself laughing. These chillers have failed the test of time...