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Dubai, and other holiday destinations for pricks

ARE you a complete bastard in need of a holiday? Here are five destinations that will sate your worst instincts.

Nick Drake, and other musicians men mistakenly think women are impressed by

TRYING to come across as sensitive and thoughtful to impress a date? Well, saying you like these musicians is absolutely not going to get you laid.

If only there were a precedent for spotting predatory DJs, says BBC

TIM Westwood’s alleged misconduct might have been prevented if there were another big name predatory DJ the BBC could have learned from, the broadcaster has said.

Seven reasons why heavy metal will always be wank

OF all the music genres, heavy metal remains the most shameful. Whether death, black or thrash, you’ll look a knob for listening to it.

Teenager complaining about five-second YouTube ads is taking the f**king piss

A 15-YEAR-OLD moaning about a five-second ad before his YouTube video would not have survived a typical 1990s ad break, says his father.

Teletubbies, and other horrifying entities you just accepted as a child

CHILDREN are very accepting, which is generally a positive thing. However, it also means we allowed some truly monstrous creations into our lives as kids, like these.

The six worst types of people to watch TV with

WATCHING TV should be an opportunity to relax into mindless, slack-jawed oblivion, but that's difficult if you're sat next to one of these irritating knobheads.

Six tired, wizened old singers who really need to knock it on the f**king head

ROCK and pop music should be the preserve of angry, attractive young things. Here are six coffin-dodging has-beens who’ve long outstayed their welcome.

Nobody has known who's number one in the charts for two decades

NOT a single member of the public has known who is number one in the charts for two decades, it has emerged.

Netflix vs Apple TV vs Disney+ vs Amazon Prime: Why not cancel all of them?

CASH-STRAPPED households are choosing which streaming service to cancel and plumping for ‘all of them’. Here’s why: