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New Coronation Street storyline to raise awareness about being Northern

SOAP opera Coronation Street is to tackle the emotive issue of being Northern in a new storyline, it has emerged.

The six worst films to watch on a first date

MEETING a date for a movie, the coward’s choice for anyone worried they’ll have nothing to say? Choose one of these and you’ll never see them again.

'I'll be back' and other movie lines everyone does shit impressions of

DISCUSSING films? Brace yourself for shit impressions of these memorable lines.

Man happy to spend rest of life only liking Oasis

A 41-YEAR-OLD man has cheerfully resigned himself to an entire life of only enjoying the music of Oasis.

'Play Dancing Queen again': five requests DJs f**king love

DJs are so grateful when inexperienced strangers tell them how to do their job. Become their favourite person with these suggestions.

'Skip intro' button brutally snubbed at National Television Awards

THE Netflix button that allows viewers to skip short intros was once again cruelly overlooked at last night's National Television Awards.

'Has it got subtitles?' How to talk your way out of watching any movie

REGRETTING agreeing to sit down and watch a film tonight? Here's how to make sure you don't get past the first five minutes.

The literary classics you've only read because they made you at school

YOUR first encounter with great literature is always to be treasured, unless you were forced to read it by a twat teacher for an English Lit GCSE you failed.

Eight 80s bands that were 80 per cent haircut

IT’S technically impossible for a sound to have a mullet – and yet 80s music persisted. These artists were roughly 4:1 on the haircut to music front.

Nigella Lawson's guide to making a glass of water

AS WE move into the autumn months, I’m turning away from summery Pimms and Aperol Spritzes to year-round favourites – and what’s more classic than a glass of water?