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How to cancel all your streaming services and watch TV like in the 80s

RISING costs forcing you to cancel streaming? In the days of four terrestrial channels and no VCR, you had to learn to love limited choice.

Only Connect, QI and four other TV shows for people who think they're better than you

JUST settling down for Celebrity Ex on the Beach when the smart-arse smuggo you live with flicks one of these wanky shows on?

The films of Johnny Depp, rated from 'good' to 'WTF is this total shit?'

JOHNNY Depp is a versatile, talented actor, which makes his film choices and frequent crap performances all the more baffling. Here’s what to add to your watchlist and what to avoid.

Kirstie Allsopp vs Nadine Dorries: Whose side are you grudgingly on?

THE privatisation of Channel 4 has led to harsh words between Kirstie Allsopp and the culture secretary. So which of these two pretty f**king irritating people do you reluctantly support?

British Bulldog and other childhood games that were little more than mass GBH

IN the good old days, children's games revolved almost entirely around ways to inflict bodily harm on each other. These were some of the most brutal.

Heckles were the best bit of comedy night, says heckler

A NIGHT of stand-up comedy was vastly inferior to the witty and hilarious heckles from a drunk audience member, according to that person.

Eight love songs by artists who were talking out of their arse

FOR some reason we think pop stars are experts on love, when almost none of them have a background in psychology or academic research. Here are some embarrassingly incorrect hits.

Operation Mincemeat and other truly terrible film titles

THE new Colin Firth film Operation Mincemeat is actually a WW2 drama, but it sounds like a comedy caper about a heist in a sausage factory. Sadly it’s not the only misleading film title...

Why we’re hell bent on privatising Channel 4 when there’s more important shit to do, by Nadine Dorries

WONDERING why the government is obsessed with privatising Channel 4 when there are more pressing matters at hand? Nadine Dorries explains.

Newsround, and other childhood TV programmes that could f**k off

WATCHING kids’ TV with an orange barley water was the high point of your childhood. But for every Scooby-Doo there was a lot of stuff you hated. Like these shows…