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Six incredible special effects you wouldn't even look up from your phone for today

FILM makers think you’re breathlessly going ‘Wow!’ and ‘Awesome!’ at their amazing CGI. You’re not. Here are some we all just stare at blankly now:

Five movies with unexpected sex scenes to ruin family film night

YOU’VE settled in for a classic with the kids only to be confronted with an excruciating, lengthy f**kfest you’d forgotten about. These movies hide their sexy secrets.

Six rebel songs that are bollocks now you're old and sensible

REMEMBER these rebellious songs that had you righteously aflame in your youth? How misguided they seem to older, wiser, middle-aged you.

Get Back extended edition has alternate ending where the Beatles stay together

THE extended edition of Peter Jackson’s Beatles documentary includes an alternative ending where the Fab Four do not break up.

Musical 'legends' you'll get hate mail for rightfully calling out as shite

MUSIC history is littered with performers hailed as groundbreaking legends. Here are some you'll get abuse for if you so much as hint they’re not musical geniuses.

Why I'm now forced to pretend Benny f**king Hill's hilarious, by a gammon

AS A gammon, I can’t be seen laughing at right-on lefties. Instead I enjoy dolly birds with big knockers and Indian men with bad English. Stuff that’s naturally funny.

Party Rock Anthem, and other shit songs that soundtracked the 2010s

REMEMBER the 2010s as a time of musical experimentation and lyrical brilliance? You shouldn’t. These ear-defiling tracks will forever define the decade.

Young people buying cassettes are twats

YOUNG people buying limited edition cassette tapes by their favourite artists are twats, everyone has agreed.

Best film one you didn't know was on, have seen before and start halfway through when pissed

THE best film ever is officially one you have seen before, did not know was on and turn on halfway through at a good bit when drunk.

Stars In Their Eyes, and other TV shows that might have been a bad dream

IT can be disorientating trying to recall a dream, but it's worse when you realise that the dream was actually a real TV show. Here are some of the oddest.