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Can you survive an outdoor gig in Wales?

WALES is allowing up to 10,000 people to attend outdoor gigs from Monday. But could you survive the weather and drinking of a Welsh music festival? 

The bands you loved as a teenager who are knobheads now

DID you unduly respect certain bands as a youth, but now have a sneaking suspicion they were knobheads? Here are some that look like twats with hindsight.

Six incredibly dodgy songs that could never be hits today

SUMMER means hearing Mungo Jerry’s hit In the Summertime, recommending a lovely drunken 125mph drive. Which other hits of the past would have issues today?

Five terrible films you inexplicably loved as a child

THIS bank holiday why not rewatch a film you once loved that is now painfully, obviously shit? These classics will have you cringing with nostalgia.

Five things from the seaside to go straight in the bin

A DAY trip to the seaside can be fun for the whole family, but also burden you with a lot of unwanted shit. Chuck these things immediately.

Home Office to allow camp, deeply weird migrants in so Britain can win Eurovision

BRITAIN is to relax immigration laws to allow in migrants wearing silver jumpsuits and singing nonsensical songs about plum harvests who can win Eurovision for us.

Seven more bullshit ways the government can attack the BBC

HATERS of the BBC are using Martin Bashir’s Princess Diana interview 26 years ago to claim it should shut down. Here are seven other equally bollocks excuses.

Michael Buerk's 999 and other 90s shows that scared the crap out of you

ARE you forever haunted by the episode of 999 where the kid got a javelin impaled in his neck? You'll also remember these.  

Friends reunion to reveal it was shit

THE much anticipated Friends reunion will reveal that the cast hated each other, the characters were stupid and it was actually bollocks.

How to have a shit ironic Eurovision party

THE Eurovision Song Contest is on tonight, so you have to have an ironic gathering to celebrate this kitschy event. Here’s how.