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Dancing Queen and five other songs your mum doesn't actually know the words to

DOES your mum's passion for music eclipse her knowledge of lyrics? Here are some songs she loves to sing - in her own inimitable way…

Advanced ancient civilisations and the telly they would have loved

HISTORIANS love telling us 5,000-year-old civilisations were more advanced than we’ll ever be. But did they have telly? No. This is what they would have binge-watched.

Vaccine passports to make all gigs middle-aged men only by September, as they should be

THE only people allowed to see live music by September will be middle-aged men who respectfully enjoy the music without any fuss, as it should be.

The seven hyped-up summer blockbusters you still regret seeing

THE summer blockbuster trend kicked off with Jaws in 1975, and ever since we’ve been deluged with shit. You were tricked into seeing all these.

Five amazing stories from history that we didn't fact check

LOVE history? Don't care about it being 100 per cent correct, or even half correct? Here are five stories we didn’t fact check at all.

What will be on Nigel Farage's undoubtedly shit new show?

NIGEL Farage has been drafted in to improve ratings on GB News, but what will his new talk show consist of? Here’s a good guess.

Five TV shows you'll only watch out of obligation

STRUGGLING to enjoy a TV show? Wish you were looking at the blank wall behind your telly instead? You’re probably watching one of these programmes.

Parents take fortnight to watch film because kids won't stay in bed

A COUPLE with two children under eight have been watching The Revenant every night for the last two weeks because the kids will not stay the f**k in bed.

Five classic romcoms that are unnervingly insane

LOVE a romantic comedy? Ever noticed that in half of them the path of true love runs mad? These five classics will have you saying ‘aw’, ‘haha’ and ‘er, what the f**k?’

The five terrible albums in your parents' CD collection

MUSICAL tastes are varied and subjective, but every parent has bought and listened to the same shitty albums. Here are the awful CDs cluttering up their racks.