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Young people buying cassettes are twats

YOUNG people buying limited edition cassette tapes by their favourite artists are twats, everyone has agreed.

Best film one you didn't know was on, have seen before and start halfway through when pissed

THE best film ever is officially one you have seen before, did not know was on and turn on halfway through at a good bit when drunk.

Stars In Their Eyes, and other TV shows that might have been a bad dream

IT can be disorientating trying to recall a dream, but it's worse when you realise that the dream was actually a real TV show. Here are some of the oddest.

Are you hard enough to listen to a whole Adele album?

UNSURE if Adele’s new album 30 is for you? See if you’ve got the personal mettle to listen to all of these tracks without breaking down.

How to stop your kids getting into Harry f**king Potter

IT’S the 20th anniversary of the release of the first Harry Potter film this week. Here’s how to stop your kids making you go through all that tedious magical nonsense again.

Six nerd gateway drugs that ruined your life

YOU thought you could handle it. But one fateful day you indulged in something deeply nerdy and have been condemned to dweebhood ever since. Here’s how it all went wrong.

Five action movies so stupid they require negative brain activity

LOVE loud noises and people punching each other, but hate believable plots and dialogue? Here are five f**king stupid movies for the brain-dead.

Six serious arthouse films you only watched because it was late and they might have sex in

SINCE the dawn of Channel 4, man has flicked over to arthouse cinema because it was 11.45pm and it might have shagging in. These films let you down.

The middle-class parents' guide to ruining bonfire night

BONFIRE night should be tacky, loud and fun. Here's how to ruin it with your tedious middle-class ways.

Abba Gold still best Abba album

AFTER listening to their new album, fans have confirmed that greatest hits album Abba Gold is still the highlight of the band’s discography.