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Five hauntingly mental adverts from your childhood

BACK then everyone left the door unlocked, children played outside and TV adverts were frothingly insane. All of these would be certified 18 today.

Six songs you now realise were always about drugs

WHEN you were young you thought music was about universal stuff like love, getting dumped or cars, not whatever the musician was high on. These songs make it obvious.

The modern dad's car playlist you think is cool but your kids will hate

EVERY dad knows the coolest bands ever were the ones you were listening to in your drink and drug-addled 20s. Here are the bands your kids will think just make you a bit of a twat.

The six biggest TV twists that you didn’t get and had to Google

WOAH, what just happened? No, seriously what happened, because there's dramatic music but you have no clue. These twists sent you straight to your phone to find out.

Seven films for alpha males

THERE’S films for girls and weaklings, then there are films for alphas. If you’ve not watched all of these then you’re not one.

Tamagotchis and other piss-poor entertainment from the 90s

COMPARED to the thrilling gadgets available to children these days, the things that passed for entertainment in the 90s were tragic.  

Five songs better for celebrating the UK than 'One Britain, One Nation'

CHILDREN across the UK are being encouraged to celebrate One Britain One Nation day by singing a creepy patriotic dirge. What would be a more appropriate choice?

Five insanely questionable videos from MTV's golden age

FOND memories of the golden age of MTV? Wrong. It was full of wild and terrible shite like this.

Emily Bronte’s Love Island

THIS year’s Love Island, as befits one of the most romantic stories ever told, is to have a tie-in novelisation by none other than Emily Brontë.

Six songs it will physically pain you to discover came out more than 25 years ago

IN denial about your age? Make sure you’ve got painkillers to hand, because this list of quarter-century old songs will get your back playing up.