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Springwatch renamed Vole Love Island

THE BBC is changing the name of flagship nature show Springwatch to Vole Love Island to appeal to a younger, sexier demographic.

The Oscars for films you've actually seen

ARE you unlikely to ever watch Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom or Mank, no matter how many Oscars they win? How about Oscars for fims you’ve definitely seen instead?

Parents hoping child will develop moral compass from watching Disney films

A COUPLE are optimistic that watching Disney films will teach their daughter key life lessons they cannot be arsed to impart themselves.

Line of Duty and other hit shows it's far too late to get into

WE'RE living in a golden age of TV which you're ignoring whilst you scroll mindlessly through your phone every evening. Here are some classics that it's way too late to get into.

The four government-approved jokes that will be allowed on the BBC

WITH the government keen to clamp down on supposedly ‘woke’ humour, here are the state-sanctioned jokes you can expect to hear on the BBC in the near future.

The six people who are getting kicked off your Netflix account

NETFLIX is cracking down on the sharing of passwords after years of unregulated access. These are the six people in your life who’ll have to buy their own: 

Five fictional men your wife secretly compares you to

MARRIED? Confident that you’re your wife's dream man? You’ll never compete with these fictional hunks, and she knows it.

Six classic public information films updated for today

DO you fondly remember the blood-chilling public information films of the 1970s? These classics could be updated for the modern era.

'I was rinsing Breaking Bad last night, why do you ask?' says Queen

HER Majesty the Queen spent yesterday evening binge watching the final season of Breaking Bad because there was nothing else on, the Palace has confirmed.

Cast Away 2: Wilson's Odyssey, and other movie sequels that should have been

EVER wondered what happened to Wilson, the real star of Cast Away? Here are the movie sequels audiences were crying out for: