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Five films ruined by finding out there's a twist

WANT to spoil any potential enjoyment of a movie before you watch it? Find out there’s a twist. Here’s five films with surprises you wouldn’t have seen coming, but now definitely will.

Batman doesn't do oral and Superman can't get it up – the surprising sex lives of the super heroes

BATMAN’S publishers have confirmed that he refuses to perform oral sex on his partners. And according to comics nerd Tom Booker, that’s just the beginning.

Five Bible plot holes that make the whole thing totally unbelievable

ADAM and Eve only had sons, so where did their grandkids come from? Here are some other glaring Biblical plot holes.

How to be a sneering dick about stuff you haven't seen

IS YOUR superiority to others based on not consuming the same media as them? Nathan Muir flaunts his iconoclastic ignorance of perfectly enjoyable things he hasn’t seen.

Gammon fuming at black Anne Boleyn perfectly happy with white Jesus

A BRITISH man fuming at Channel 5 casting a black actress as Anne Boleyn is entirely at ease with a Caucasian Jesus, he confirmed.

Six movie villains who we judged too harshly

AS the Cruella de Vil reboot hits the big screen, here are some other film villains who were misjudged rather than evil.

Five songs that sound romantic if you don't listen to the lyrics

Making a Spotify playlist for your beloved? Avoid these tunes, as they will demonstrate you're a terrible listener.

Can you survive an outdoor gig in Wales?

WALES is allowing up to 10,000 people to attend outdoor gigs from Monday. But could you survive the weather and drinking of a Welsh music festival? 

The bands you loved as a teenager who are knobheads now

DID you unduly respect certain bands as a youth, but now have a sneaking suspicion they were knobheads? Here are some that look like twats with hindsight.

Six incredibly dodgy songs that could never be hits today

SUMMER means hearing Mungo Jerry’s hit In the Summertime, recommending a lovely drunken 125mph drive. Which other hits of the past would have issues today?