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Six books arseholes always recommend to you

IF you’ve ever asked your friends for book recommendations, then you will almost certainly have had some prick suggest one of these titles.

From celebrity chef to host of a shit game show: Gordon Ramsay in his own words

WITH lockdown keeping his restaurants shut, Gordon Ramsay has resorted to hosting a contrived BBC game show. Here he shares his views on it. (May contain swearing.) 

Are you middle-aged enough to get a shout out on Radio 2?

YOU’RE well past 40, living a cosy domestic life and exclusively listening to music that doesn’t challenge you. But can you get a shout out on Radio 2?

Knobhead writes poem about discarded mask he saw

AN insufferable twat has written a moving poem about a discarded facemask he saw lying in the street.

How are they going to bollocks up the new Frasier?

KELSEY Grammer's Frasier reboot is almost guaranteed to end up ruining his own legacy. Here's how it will be totally ballsed up.

Nazi memorabilia, and other things that should turn up on the Antiques Roadshow

BORED of horse brasses, Wedgwood pottery and watercolours by unknown painters? Here are five items that would really test the valuation skills of the BBC’s antiques experts.  

'This is f**king shit': six warnings TV and films should really carry

DISNEY has warned viewers of Muppet Show episodes they contain ‘negative depictions of people or cultures’. But what should they really be warning us about?

Daft Punk and five other bands you've been repeatedly told you like

DAFT Punk are splitting up and you’re meant to be sad, because they’re seminal because music writers love them. But do you?

American Beauty and five other films it's not okay to like anymore

DID your favourite film star Kevin Spacey, and are you now swiftly changing that to something that requires fewer excuses? Don’t pick any of these.

Five types of twat who are never off the telly

There are some types of twat who appear on every panel game, discussion programme or reality show going. Here are five offenders you'll definitely recognise.