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Knight Rider and other childhood shows whose universes didn’t make a lot of sense

EVEN as a small child you had an inkling that certain beloved TV shows were a bit illogical. With hindsight, here’s why.

Sweet Caroline, and other shit songs inexplicably loved by British people

HAVE you ever been to a wedding where the dance floor wasn’t full the second ‘Come on Eileen’ came on? Here are some other ear-destroyers Brits adore.

Five songs that state the bleeding obvious

THERE are profoundly moving pop masterpieces and there’s All Saints’ Never Ever saying ‘the alphabet runs right from A to Z’.

The Hoosiers and other bands that prove the Noughties were a musical wasteland

FROM 2000 to 2010 the UK was completely void of good musical talent. How else do you explain these chart-topping bands?

Robert Webb: 'I simply could not cope with the shagging'

ROBERT Webb has admitted he quit Strictly because his heart could not handle the non-stop 24-7 athletic extra-marital sex. 

The five types of book on your bedside table that you'll never read

YOU are never going to read that book. Ever. You'll just use it to balance your phone on while watching Squid Game. But what type of unreadable is it?

Piercing blue eyes, and other romance cliches that sound sexy, but aren't

ROMANCE novels contain descriptions that are good on the page but would be horrifying in real life. Here are six descriptors you don't want to encounter:

Your guide to what the f**k Squid Game is about

HAVEN'T watched Squid Game? Stuck in another sodding conversation about it? Bluff your way through with our guide.

Halsey and other world famous pop stars you've literally never f**king heard of

THE music industry is booming, not that you'd know. Here are the monumentally famous artists passing you by.

Most Haunted and other bullshit TV classics of yesteryear

YVETTE Fielding has claimed on GMTV that the obviously bollocks ghost show Most Haunted was real. Here’s more televisual nonsense you sat through uncritically.