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'Wouldn't it be great to get Boris back on the telly?' say dickhead TV producers

TWATS working in TV are creaming themselves at the prospect of Boris Johnson being free to boost ratings on their dreadful shows.

Ben Kingsley as Gandhi: Batshit casting choices that wouldn't work today

IF you were planning to remake film classics, the first thing you’d do is make sure none of these ‘What the f**k were they thinking?’ casting choices were repeated.

Six bands ruined by the lead singer's hat

LEAD singers already get all the attention without the need for headwear. These six acts cannot be appreciated musically because of a hat.

The shit that happens in every single sodding fantasy novel

MADE the mistake of reading more than one fantasy trilogy? Then you’ll have realised they’re all the f**king same and these clichéd tropes crop up every time.

Middle aged man unaware club playing all his favourite songs is having a retro night

A MAN who thought all his favourite songs were still cool and relevant was oblivious to the fact that they were being played ironically, it has emerged.

That chick from Ex Machina, and other robots you would totally bang

EVERYONE has standards, but don't pretend you're above shagging a robot. Here are five you totally would.

Woman's ideal film basically a rom-com with hardcore scenes

A WOMAN has admitted that what she really wants from a movie is a sweet, touching romantic comedy with hardcore sex scenes.

Your dad's agonising attempts to be liberal about Pride

AS a 68-year-old heterosexual dad, you wouldn’t think I’d be supporting Gay Pride. But I’m actually very liberal about nancy boys. Here are some of my broadminded views.

Have you had enough Paul McCartney to last a f**king lifetime? Take our quiz

SIR Paul McCartney has turned 80, headlined Glastonbury and been hailed as Britain’s greatest man with twice the verve and energy of most 20-year-olds. But have you had your fill of the Fab One by now?

Six musical artists who had f**king awful image changes

POP stars switch up their images to move with the times or grab cash.  Makes sense, whereas these awful revamps remain baffling.