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Princess Peach, and other video game characters that you weirdly fancied

DESPITE them being made up of about 40 pixels, your hormone-addled, adolescent brain somehow found a way to fancy these characters from 90s video games:

Six films that would have been terrible if the hero was you

ARE you a bit of a coward, or perhaps just fond of your home comforts? Here’s how some classic films would have turned out badly if the protagonist had been you.

The six Countryfile presenters you would leave your marriage and kids for right now

COUNTRYFILE pretends to be a gentle look at rural life, but its presenters who are intoxicating temptations you’d run away with tomorrow. These are its most enchanting prospects.

'Love Actually celebrates stalking': how to ruin Christmas films with your tedious woke opinions

WANT to ruin someone’s favourite Christmas film by making them feel crap about enjoying it? Share these opinions.

Sex and The City sequel with just Samantha way better

A SEX and The City sequel with only Kim Cattrall begins on a rival channel tonight and is shitloads better than the other one. 

Rappers who went a bit too far for my liking, by a Guardian reader

WE all love the culturally vibrant art form that is rap, but it can be problematic for Guardian readers like myself. Here are some lyrics I feel the artists should consider revising.

Music brings people who hate that kind of music together

MUSIC has been confirmed to bring people together, specifically in groups of people who absolutely loathe that music.

Even Ant and Dec have had enough of the wanker

THE state of Boris Johnson’s corrupt, hypocritical regime is so undeniable it has even pissed off Ant and Dec.

Fantasy author creates incredibly believable world by spelling normal words slightly wrong

A FANTASY author praised for his stunning worldbuilding just takes everyday words and spells them slightly differently, it has emerged.

Six weird as f**k Christmas carols

THE festive season is upon us, and carollers around the country are warming up to shout weird shit. What the f**k are these classics about?