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The six most f**ked-up accents in film history

WATCHING a film and thinking ‘hang on, what the f**k is that accent supposed to be?’ Nobody has ever spoken like these people.

Which Glastonbury set are you boring the arse off everybody about today?

GLASTONBURY took place this weekend, you watched some of it on the telly, and you’ve decided the ___ set was so great it’s key to your identity. But which?

Glastonbury twats on train worse than rail strike

THE presence of morons returning from Glastonbury by train is worse than the rail strike itself, other passengers have confirmed.

Seven miserable, shameful Glastonbury moments

EVERYBODY’S looking for their Glastonbury moment and everyone gets one. But not all of them are positive.

Happy Days, and other TV shows that baffled your childhood mind

DID certain TV shows leave you confused and even quite anxious as a child? Here are some you lacked the life experience to realise were bollocks.

Woman desperate for Glastonbury to end so she can wank on about being at Glastonbury

A WOMAN at Glastonbury is counting down the seconds until the festival ends and she can start banging on about it to everyone. 

Oh Christ, not more girlfriends who think they're Kate Bush, say men

BRITAIN’S men are worried that the renewed popularity of Kate Bush will lead to girlfriends becoming annoyingly otherworldly with an interest in billowy clothes.

Five inspirational songs that don't relate to your life in any way

MANY songs are heartfelt tributes to people who’ve inspired you. But what if the losers in your life only inspire boredom and indifference? These tunes all become a bit irrelevant…

Right Said Fred, and other one-hit-wonders whose politics you couldn't give a shit about

WHEN Morrissey went UKIP many were hurt. When Right Said Fred went right-wing Twitter conspiracists nobody gave a shit. Nor would they if these flipped.

Six Hollywood movies that get Britain offensively wrong

TEA on the lawn, cheeky Cockney characters, and the prime minister living in a thatched cottage in Trafalgar Square. These films f**ked up at portraying Britain: