Dear Donna. How can I deal with my arsehole boss? Nikolai, 3rd Spetsnaz Brigade

MY boss is a complete arsehole, ordering me and my colleagues to do things we're not happy about, such as our current works outing to Ukraine.

Meeting couldn't even have been an email

AN outright pointless Monday meeting did not even contain enough substance to have made it as an email, attendees have confirmed.

'Any plans for the weekend?': Six workplace questions that might be a trap

CONVERSATIONS with colleagues can be fun, or you may start to suspect you’re being quietly interrogated for nefarious purposes. Here are six questions that should set off alarm bells.

'We didn’t throw them in the sea': How P&O cares for its workers

THERE is no greater champion of workers than P&O Ferries, which is why we have championed a new group of workers over our current workers. And there’s more:

Five brutally honest things you'd love to say at work

DO you spend your working day wishing you could speak your mind? Here are five things you dream of saying, loud and proud, in the interests of truth.

Working hard is the worst possible career strategy

WORKING hard is the worst mistake anyone planning a successful career can make, research has revealed.

Boss being on holiday better than taking one yourself

THE absence of a boss at work is more of a holiday than being on holiday, workers have confirmed.

Casual Friday, and other shit ways your work tries raise morale instead of paying you more

IS your dreary office always looking to raise staff's spirits? Here’s the bullshit they come up with instead of just giving everyone a raise.

Low UK productivity linked to Fridays, weather, colleagues, short days, long days, mood, pay, surroundings and everything f**king else

BRITISH workers have the lowest productivity in the G7 because of literally every crappy little aspect of their lives, they have explained.

Six career options for sadistic, spiteful bastards

DO you like causing misery and suffering to others? Want to get paid for it rather than become a serial killer? Here are six careers that are perfect for power-crazed sadists.