Child-free couple announce they're expecting another hobby

A COUPLE without children have contacted friends and family to let them know they are expecting the arrival of a new hobby.

So what the f**k will impress your parents?

You have a job, you aren't a criminal, you remember their birthdays, and your parents still aren't impressed. What can you do?

Man thinks women dress to impress men and not other women

A MAN thinks women dress up for his benefit, not to garner praise and approval from other women.

I'm the Portugal of the UK, Great Yarmouth tells holidaymakers

GREAT Yarmouth is practically an identical substitute for the sunny beaches of Portugal, it has told dejected UK holidaymakers.

Were you a Clarks nerd or a Kickers cool kid? What your school shoes said about you

YOUR footwear at school was crucial to how you were viewed by your contemporaries. Here’s how your 90s school shoes affected the rest of your life.

Stupid shit to do when you're filthy rich in London

THE ‘sky pool’ in London has caused controversy because local paupers aren’t allowed to use it. Here are some ostentatious things to do if you’re a rich Londoner.

Five holier-than-thou educational half-term pastimes

ARE you The Smugs? Are your children spending a half-term full of improving activities? Eleanor Shaw provides five aspirational pastimes to shame other families.

Flower crown top summer trend for brides marrying to distract from misconduct allegations

GETTING hitched this summer? Whether it’s for love, or so you cannot be legally compelled to testify at a public enquiry, the flower crown is the hot look.

Five items of clothing men shouldn't wear after they turn 30

HAVE your twenties disappeared into life’s rear-view mirror? It’s time to take these clothes to the charity shop, or better yet burn them.

The guns, and four other nicknames twats use for parts of their body

A certain type of arsehole can often be heard using these ludicrous nicknames for various parts of their anatomy.