Hardworking, salt-of-the-earth family man or unhinged white van warrior?

THE line between being a noble working-class grafter and a footsoldier for right-wing extremism is a thin one. Which side of it are you on?

Father disappointed with son's sex life

THE father of a 26-year-old man has admitted his son's sex life has not lived up to the high hopes he had for it.

The five things you hate about your voice when you hear it recorded

THE sound of your own voice being played back is the sound of your illusions being torn away and realising you sound a twat. Let's break down why.

Lovely old lady likes to go to the park and feed vermin

A SWEET pensioner's favourite hobby is to visit her local park and throw food to its diseased pests.

The teabag should be used sparingly: how to make the worst brew possible

MAKING a good cup of tea is a fine art, which means there are lots of ways it can go wrong. Create the worst brew possible with these tips.

White jeans on night out f***ed up after 15 minutes

A PAIR of pristine white jeans have lasted just quarter of an hour on a night out before getting disgustingly dirty.

Hair grows everywhere on man except head

A MAN is dismayed that hair is sprouting from every orifice and inch of his body except the one place he wants it to.

The six things you'll leave the supermarket with that weren't what you went for

MILK. Four pints of green-capped, semi-skimmed, bog-standard milk, so no need for a shopping list. Except here’s what you left with instead.

Why I'm better: a first-born child explains

SOME people – usually second or, laughably, third or fourth children – challenge the supremacy of the first-born. Let’s lay this to rest.

Dad wants to know how much it cost

A FATHER has remained silent during his daughter’s story of a new purchase before ominously asking how much she paid for it.