Seven great sex tips from a 16-year-old boy who's done it loads

TOO many sex experts trot out the same old tips about massage and communication. 16-year-old Josh Hudson, who’s slept with more than 200 women, gives you the real advice.

Woman's face collapses under the weight of her false eyelashes

A WOMAN’S face has suffered irreparable structural damage due to the insupportable weight of her false eyelashes.

Couple thought loft conversion would be more life-changing than this

A COUPLE’S dream of turning their shabby loft into an idyllic living space has been shattered by actually going through the process.

Family barbecuing in autumn against all nature

A FAMILY plans to violate all natural law by holding a barbecue this weekend even though it is September.

Peri-peri chicken: The absolute worst flavours to put in a vape

THE government wants to ban disposable vapes, but why not just make the flavours more off-putting? Although if any of these catch on, society is doomed.

None of hotel room's 40 light switches switch off the lights

NONE of a hotel room’s 40 unmarked light switches actually switch off the lights, forcing guests to play a tiresome game of trial-and-error.

'Take a chill pill': cool phrases which effortlessly demonstrate you're old and out-of-touch

ARE you rapidly ageing into irrelevance? Does the slang of your youth date you as accurately as tree rings? Which of these outdated phrases are you using?

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ANY houseshare will one day experience a feeling of emptiness as they realise their departed flatmate has blatantly robbed them. These are the stages of your journey.

Mother who found vibrator in daughter's room has a little go

A MOTHER who discovered a sex toy in her daughter’s room could not resist turning it on just to see how it worked, she has admitted.