Teenager decides to dramatically limit her options with facial tattoo

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Five geek accessories that let's face it, have been used as sex toys

IN happier times geeks could uniformly be considered unattractive, friendless virgins, but in these post-internet days fandoms have got sexy with these objects.

Essential oil diffusers harmful to cats and dads

ESSENTIAL oil reed diffusers are not only poisonous to cats but also middle-aged dads who cannot be doing with all that carry on, it has emerged.

Pumpkin patches: 12 seasonal locations you'll be forced to photograph your millennial girlfriend in for the 'Gram

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The 14 items every student flat is required to have by law 

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12 phrases you say and then realise you've become your parents

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Youth struggling to keep sweatpants aloft

A YOUNG man is wondering why his jogging bottoms keep slipping down after he puts a can of beer in each pocket.

Freshers treating 22-year-old resident advisor like wise village elder

A GROUP of freshers are listening to advice from their 22-year-old resident adviser as though it were the wisdom of ages past.

Londoner's spare room is a pied-à-terre in the capital for every prick she knows

A WOMAN living in London is having to put up with all her friends and family using her spare room as their own apartment whenever they visit the city.

Middle-class student struggling to understand pan that isn't Le Creuset

A POSH university fresher has been left baffled by kitchenware that is not the extortionately-priced French brand Le Creuset.