Couple insist underfloor heating won't change them

A COUPLE who have just had underfloor heating installed are claiming they will not let it go to their heads.

Letting someone with one item go in front of you: Good deeds you've got no sodding choice about

SOME acts of kindness are so unavoidable you can’t even congratulate yourself on your incredible generosity toward the little people. Here are some you just grudgingly have to do.

'Influencers using our iconic streets for photo-ops is ruining Wolverhampton'

RESIDENTS of Wolverhampton are sick of tourists posing outside of their homes and clogging up their stunning town centre, it has emerged.

It's a privilege to let me pass, explains SUV driver

A WOMAN passing in a f**k off massive car does not need to thank you because your car is smaller and therefore utterly insignificant.

Smeg kettle and Smeg toaster mean nothing if you don't own Smeg fridge

SMALLER Smeg appliances are in no way impressive unless complementing a huge Smeg refrigerator, homeowners have confirmed.

What is death and should you be worried about it?

CONCERNED about all of the reports of death in the news? Worried that it may affect you too? Learn all about the terminal life condition with this guide.

Eminem, and other celebs you really can't imagine as a father-in-law

EMINEM’S daughter has got married, so her husband presumably has to discuss DIY with a controversial rap megastar accused of hating women. Here are more freakish celebrity in-law situations.

What is manifesting and why is it bollocks?

MANIFESTING – the practice of visualising the accomplishment of a goal to make it come true – has never been so popular, and never been so bollocks. This is why.