Kelly Brook, and other female celebs with weird takes on feminism

KELLY Brook feels more ‘body confident’ than ever because her husband loves her ‘big bum and boobies’. It’s a confusing message, but not the first from an ‘empowered’ celeb. Such as these.

Travis, Taylor and five other American names that aren't names

TAYLOR Swift, whose name is a surname, celebrated her Superbowl LVIII victory with boyfriend Travis Kelce, who has the same problem. These names are not names.

We ask you: was Prince Harry right to turn tail and run like a coward?

PRINCE Harry flew in, high-fived his ailing father while running through the morning room, and flew back to California. Was he right to do so?

I would rather have starred in Barbie, says Cillian Murphy

OPPENHEIMER star Cillian Murphy has admitted wishing he and Margot Robbie had swapped roles and she had played the boring nuclear scientist.

The doctors say you staying with Meghan could kill him, explains William

A GRAVE-FACED Prince of Wales has informed his brother that medically, his remaining with his wife could prove a fatal blow.

Please get well because we can't go though all that shit again, says Britain

THE whole nation is willing King Charles III to beat cancer because it cannot go through all that business all over again.

Torvill, Dean and five other celebrities who have spun their tiny amount of fame out for decades

FORTY years ago Britain did not give a f**k about figure skating. Then we briefly did, and despite everything two Olympic gold winners are still famous today.

We ask you: should the Queen sign up for Strictly?

QUEEN Camilla has confirmed she is an ardent Strictly Come Dancing fan who personally overrules the judges and chooses the winners. But should she appear on the show?

The famous faces of Brexit: Where are they now?

BREXIT is now reduced to idiots like Andrea Leadsom droning on about the ‘price of sovereignty’. So what happened to all the mad-keen Brexiters who were famous in 2016?