Piers Morgan makes it through whole interview without walking out

MENTAL health campaigners have congratulated Piers Morgan for making it through an entire interview without storming out offended.

I'm 95 years old. F**k off out of it with your Royal Yacht

I AM the monarch of this country. I am 95 years old. My son, the future King, is 72. So let me say this a final time: f**k off out of it with your Royal Yacht.

The PR princess and the big fat disaster capitalist: a fairytale romance for British children

ONCE upon a time, in the United Kingdom of Britain, there lived a man who had everything but for whom it was not enough.

Your guide to Boris Johnson's magical, romantic third wedding

BORIS Johnson and Carrie Symonds, the Posh and Becks of the 2020s, have finally set the date. But what to expect from this special day?

Diana situation completely different from Meghan because Meghan's evil

THE terrible hounding of Princess Diana by the press cannot be compared to Meghan Markle’s treatment because Meghan is evil, everyone has agreed. 

The Daily Mail guide to how the BBC killed Diana

THE Daily Mail has actually asked ‘Did the BBC kill Princess Diana?’ Here news editor Stephen Malley explains how they probably did.

How many of these 90s Z-listers can you remember?

BACK in the 1990s you couldn’t turn on the TV without having to endure some truly naff minor celeb. Here are some you might, possibly, remember.

Five men to have batshit mental celebrity crushes on

DO you have a crush that makes you question your own sanity? Here are five especially weird people ladies apparently jod one off to.

Chris Martin's guide to who you are without Wembley Stadium shouting 'you're awesome'

HEY, Britain’s top pop public schoolboy Chris Martin here. It’s been a tough year for me not having my ego ridiculously validated. Here’s how I’ve coped.

Bill Gates's wife leaving him for Clippy

MELINDA Gates is divorcing the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft for the company’s animated paperclip assistant, she has admitted.