Royal brain-swap a success

THE brain transplant between the King and the Princess of Wales has been a resounding success, doctors have confirmed.

'Paedo might be a compliment': Laurence Fox's guide to hair-splitting quasi-legal bullshit

YESTERDAY Laurence Fox lost a libel case. Here he compounds his humilation by opining on the finer points of English law and why it means he is right.

Holly Willoughby caught swearing, drinking, smoking and going with boys during Dancing On Ice

ITV viewers have complained that Holly Willoughby swore, swigged white cider, passed a Marlboro Gold and snogged a rough lad while presenting Dancing on Ice. 

Seven failed celebrity relationships you're pretty sure you could have patched up

NOEL Gallagher has opened up about his emotionally painful and coincidentally horribly expensive divorce, but celebrity splits always make you wonder what you’d do. Here are some you’d think twice about.

Five normal things that celebrities think they're amazing for saying

CELEBRITIES believe themselves to be almost like normal people for making these unremarkable statements, and believe that to be an achievement.

Are you a workaholic like our tireless King? Take our quiz

ARE you, like King Charles, unable to stop working 16-hour days, not even taking weekends off?

How I'm feeding the kids while Kate's in hospital, by the Prince of Wales

WHILE the wife’s away, I have absolutely no idea how to feed the children. No matter how many times I say ‘Mummy will be back soon’ the little beasts keep demanding food.

All Royals to disclose genital problems

ALL members of the Royal Family will now disclose full details of their genital conditions whether the public wish to know or not.

The next six TV stars who Ed Balls plans to give a solid boot to the head

ED Balls has made the news for accidentally kicking Susanna Reid in the head. But which annoying TV stars genuinely deserve it?

Ricky Hatton punching Stephen Mulhern: six thoroughly enjoyable celebrity twattings

VIOLENCE can never be condoned, even if it’s the best thing ever to have happened on Dancing on Ice. These incidents are also excellent.