Charlie Dimmock, and other unlikely sexual fantasies Britain was bloody obsessed with

CHARLIE Dimmock has said she has no regrets about an affair in 2001. Fair enough, but was her tabloid-boosted sex appeal at the time actually a bit weird? Here are some more questionable fantasy shags.

Charlotte Church, and other celebs who stupidly didn't stay 12

‘WELSH songbird’ Charlotte Church has announced she is no longer a millionaire. Clearly growing up was a poor career choice that should have been avoided, as she and these other celebs discovered.

Five drunk middle-aged women caterwauling through song was apparently Spice Girls reunion

A BARMAN at a London club has just found out the five pissed women he watched howl their way through a song was in fact a momentous 90s reunion.

Sean Lennon and James McCartney, and other nepo babies you're delighted to see fail

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Rachel Riley's favourite things to tweet about despite not knowing all the facts

HI! I’m attractive, famous and went to Oxford so I can do no wrong, even when making wild and it transpires incorrect assumptions in tweets. I also opine on these subjects.

Masterchef viewers divided over Greg Wallace copulating with food

VIEWERS are divided over the latest series of Masterchef, in which judge Greg Wallace assesses dishes after having sexual intercourse with them.

Cool, edgy celebrities who'll be on Radio 2 by the time they're 50

RIGHT now they’re sexy, dangerous and beloved by the youth. In less than 30 years they’ll be exploiting it to appeal to a middle-aged Radio 2 audience.