How to put the spark back into your relationship by becoming Cillian Murphy

ARE you a man who wishes your partner liked and fancied you more? Simply become a creepy carbon copy of Oppenheimer star Cillian Murphy. Here’s what you need to do.

If Danny Dyer is not a proud gay man, why does he leave us so many clues?

AT this point, to assert that Danny Dyer is heterosexual is not just ignorant. It is an act of wilful blindness to the myriad clues he has left his fans.

'My grandad wasn't gassed at Ypres so women could slag about': a first date with Joey Barton

ARE you lucky enough to have a date with former Man-City-before-they-were-good player Joey Barton? These conversational pearls will slip from his lips.

Why it can be hard to tell if you're at a sex orgy. By Prince Andrew

SO now people are claiming I took part in one of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex orgies. But sometimes the situation is not as clear-cut as you might think. Let me explain.

Woking Pizza Express strangely not mentioned in Epstein court files

THE visit to Pizza Express in Woking which proves Prince Andrew’s innocence has oddly not been mentioned in the newly-released Jeffrey Epstein files.

Are you on Jeffrey Epstein's client list? Take our quiz

A MASSIVE scandal is breaking as the list of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates is gradually released. So should you be concerned? Take our quiz and find out.

Six weird celebrities you can't imagine at home celebrating Christmas

THIS is more than a time of peace and goodwill for nobodies like you – it is also Christmas for the stars. Though it remains hard to imagine these freaks doing it.

Prince William known as 'One Pint Willy' because his penis fills a pint pot

THE Prince of Wales is nicknamed ‘One Pint Willy’ because his genitalia are so large they exactly fill a pint glass, a family member has revealed.

Henry Cavill cast as series seven fine sable-hair brush in Warhammer TV series

SUPERMAN actor Henry Cavill has been cast as a series seven fine sable-hair paint brush in Amazon’s upcoming Warhammer series.

'LIN-E-KERRR!' howls Tory voter

A CONSERVATIVE voter is yet again shaking his fists at the heavens that somehow permitted Gary Lineker to express a political opinion.