John Lennon, and other celebrities who would be nightmare boomers if they were alive today

CAN you imagine the famously gobby John Lennon if he had been let loose on Twitter? Here are more dead celebs who would have trashed their legacy by now if they were still with us.

Beckham family all sleep in the same bed like Charlie Bucket

THE extended Beckham family all sleep together head-to-toe in an enormous bed, it has been revealed.

Meghan and Harry: is there any way we can blame them?

AN anguished nation, shocked that both King Charles and the Princess of Wales are battling cancer, is searching for any way to blame Harry and Meghan.

How to casually know who Sydney Sweeney is without being a perv or anything: A guide for men

DO you want to know who Sydney Sweeney is for reasons besides the two obvious ones? Now you can chat about her non-pervily, thanks to this guide.

Kanye West's guide to having a relationship based on mutual respect

YOU can’t have a relationship without respect, so I treat my pseudo-wife Bianca with the same respect I have for a genius like myself, or Hitler. Here’s my advice on respecting your partner.

This is just the start of the Prince Andrew Extended Universe

IT’S about time there was a film about me, so I can’t wait to see Scoop with Gillian Anderson. It’s bound to be a hit, so why not turn it into a franchise? Here are my plans for the ‘Andyverse’.

Katie Price's guide to safe and pleasant motoring

NOTHING compares to the sense of freedom you get from leaving magistrates’ court having narrowly avoided a driving ban or prison. As a keen driver, here's my advice for fellow touring enthusiasts.

Princess of Wales seen by witnesses who are immediately killed

THE Princess of Wales has been sighted by two witnesses who were allowed to recount the encounter before being led away by Special Branch.