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19 emergency alerts that the Daily Mail would consider acceptable

THE Daily Mail is outraged that its readers will receive a text on their phones on Sunday, but would find these alerts absolutely necessary.

Elon Musk's tech guru bullshit scientifically rated

YESTERDAY’S SpaceX launch was predictably cancelled at the last moment because Elon Musk overpromises on all his tech projects. Like these.

Five ways to convince yourself the front-facing camera is lying

FIRED up your phone's front-facing camera only for it to display your face in an unflattering light? Brush off the reality it's showing you with these lies.

The five stages of trying to connect to train wifi, from hope to abject rage and despair

THOUGHT you’d do a bit of work using the train wifi? Think again, fool. Here’s how attempting to connect will break your spirit in five depressing stages.

Five situations that are impossible to get through without glancing at your phone

EVEN the most exciting of scenarios cannot compete with the wealth of content on your phone. Here are five situations where you have to give it a quick glance.  

Easier to click delete forever than click unsubscribe once, man believes

A MAN will delete a marketing email every day for the rest of his life rather than simply unsubscribing from the mailing list, he has confirmed.

Virgin Media temporarily working again for thousands

BROADBAND provider Virgin Media has briefly come back to life for thousands of customers who do not believe for a moment it will last.

Five signs the internet is becoming middle-aged

THE internet is no longer the trendy new kid on the block it used to be. Here are five signs it is fast approaching middle-age, just like you.

The busty bikini model's guide to getting shitloads of engagement on social media

WANT to connect with more followers online? Follow the advice of a DD-cup bikini model who somehow racks up millions of likes on an hourly basis.

Six basic things that now require a f**king app

TECHNOLOGY changed the world then got carried away. Now these previously simple actions require a fiddly bloody app to use.