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How to compete with your lover's hot, sexy iPhone

DOES your partner cherish their phone more than you? Do they laugh more at Dwayne Johnson memes than your jokes? Here’s how to compete.

'I've been online once and there were cocks': Nadine Dorries explains why the internet is being banned

YOU think you like the internet, but you don’t. It’s actually bad. I went on there once and saw not just one cock, but loads of cocks. That’s why I’m getting rid of it.

Podcasts and other wildly popular things everyone claims to hate

SOME things are far too popular considering everyone claims to despise them. Unless they’re all lying about loathing these hate magnets.

Graveyards, and four other f**king mental things to leave Google reviews on

HAVE you browsed Google and noticed that a whole host of mental things can be reviewed? Here are some of the strangest to leave your opinion on.

England and science go their separate ways

AFTER two years of following it devotedly, England has decided to go its separate way from science, it has announced.

Six things twats think are legal on the internet

SOCIAL media users have been warned not to discuss possible court proceedings relating to a 20-year-old footballer. But twats think that, on the internet, anything goes.

The idiotic things you're Googling compared to the important things you should be Googling

YOUR life is full of pressing, unanswered questions and the answers are at your fingertips. But instead you’re typing ‘do goats eat tin cans’ into Google.

Spam or a message from your mum? Take our quiz

RECEIVED a near-incomprehensible message suggesting you check out some new online game or health fad? Find out if it’s genuine spam or just a message from your mum. 

'Getting the popcorn out': Six things idiots online think are original and hilarious

EVER noticed that every online discussion is full of people making the same old tired jokes and observations? Here are some of the most wearisome.

Man turns on wife's vibrator then can't turn it off

A MAN has discovered his wife’s vibrator, turned it on to see what it does and is now frantically trying to turn it off.