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Five ways to cope with video conferencing

ARE you loathing those keen bastards who insist on video conferencing when a simple phone call will do? Try these tips for getting out of it:

Middle-class parents suddenly very enthusiastic about screens

A MIDDLE-CLASS couple who formerly set strict limits on their children’s screen time have suddenly changed their minds, they have confirmed.

Child struggling to limit parents' screen time

A NINE-YEAR-OLD has admitted defeat in trying to limit his device-obsessed parents to three or four hours’ screen time a day.

WhatsApp group that suddenly goes quiet means they've started a new one without you

IF a WhatsApp group suddenly goes quiet it could mean you are annoying and no one likes you, experts have warned.

Copy and paste inventor's gravestone has unwanted formatting

THE gravestone of the inventor of copy-and-paste contains unwanted characters including ‘Ā’ and ‘§’ because of formatting errors, it has emerged. 

How to deal with your parents' IT problems without murdering them

ARE your elderly parents always pestering you with badly-explained computer problems? Here’s how to help without strangling them with the mouse cable.

Man's phone keyboard still makes the typing noises

A MAN’S phone is still making a little noise every time he presses a key, it has emerged.

No one who uses 'tears of joy' emoji worth knowing

ANYONE who uses the ‘tears of joy’ emoji is not worth your time or attention, experts have confirmed.

Five Facebook types you'll never stop hate-following

THESE days Facebook is only used to keep an eye on people you hate. So who are they and why are they so awful you’ll never unfollow them?

Britain's f*cked-up weather explained

WE only have ourselves to blame for the current awful weather, it has emerged.