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'It was closed' and other incredibly helpful online reviews morons leave

CHECKING online reviews is a minefield of idiots, pricks with a vendetta, and people who are incapable of spelling anything longer than two letters. Like these.

Pensioners at computer literacy class all keen to spread bigotry online

ALL attendees at a computer literacy class for the over-70s are learning to use the internet so they can share their prejudices with the world.

Texting with one finger the correct way, scientists confirm 

EXPERTS agree with your mum that jabbing the screen with a single finger is the most effective method of text messaging.

Hipster teen has growing collection of obsolete MP3s 

A TEENAGE boy believes he is  the coolest person in his university halls thanks to his arsenal of outdated digital downloads.

WhatsApp archive graveyard of lost loves and friendships

WhatsApp archives are graveyards filled with lost loves, abandoned friendships and failed career opportunities, it has emerged.

Six technological innovations teenagers think of as old people shit

TECHNOLOGY evolves so fast that even recent innovations look ancient. And as far as Zoomers are concerned, these belong strictly to pensioners.

The five secret WhatsApp groups you're not in

ARE people WhatsApping behind your back? Of course they are. See which of these furtive groups you’re excluded from and never knew existed.

Mum still typing

A MOTHER is still typing a text messages several hours after the three dots indicating she was composing her reply first appeared.

Man changes lockscreen photo when out with mates

A MAN replaces the photo of his wife and kids on his phone with an image of something macho every time he goes out with the lads.

How to f**k up ordering food from an app

THANKS to apps you can have food delivered direct to your gaping maw. But despite it supposedly being a piss-easy modern convenience, here’s how it can go horribly wrong.