Science & Technology

A History of the Twitter Flame Wars, 2006-2022

A PROLONGED and gruelling era of interpersonal conflict is to end as Elon Musk buys and dooms Twitter. This is its history.

The complete f**king mess your parents have made of their new smart TV: a troubleshooting guide

YOUR parents have taken the plunge and bought a new smart TV. Within days it’s f**ked, and they want you to sort it out. Here’s how:

Google the number instead of answering it: How to handle phone calls in the modern age

IN the old days, a phone call was a pleasant diversion, but now you’re actively afraid of answering. Here’s how to handle it.

NASA probe smashes into first emerging sign of alien life

NASA’S Dart probe has crashed into and killed the first emerging specimen of alien life, it has been confirmed.

Dad replies to text message from 2016

A DAD has finally responded to a message sent several years ago, it has emerged.

We're naturally promiscuous, and other 'scientific' excuses for men’s behaviour

WANT to cheat on your partner but don’t like getting grief for it? Science is your friend. Here are some great pseudo-scientific excuses for shitty male behaviour.

Pensioners watching smart meter like it's a telly

A PENSIONER couple have moved their smart energy meter to the coffee table and sit watching it all day, they have confirmed.

The whole UK is united in solemn mourning for Her Majesty vs have you seen social media?

IS the whole country as one, brought together by grief for our monarch no matter what your political persuasion, or have you seen social media?

Friend starts WhatsApp group to plan her next dump

A FRIEND has started a new WhatsApp group, inviting you and 16 other close acquaintances, to plan an upcoming bowel movement.

Five reasons why you can't quite bring yourself to delete Facebook

YOU know Facebook is a cynical corporation partly responsible for the f**ked up state of the world and yet you can’t bring yourself to delete it. Here are your lame reasons why not.