Man who's been drunk since pubs opened on verge of truly devastating hangover

A MAN who has been consistently pissed for the last fortnight is on the brink of a truly catastrophic hangover.

Pints actually quite a large amount of drink

A WHOLE pint is actually a rather large quantity of fluid to drink multiple times an evening, it has been confirmed.

Andy McNab's SAS guide to lunch hour drinking

LIKE an SAS operation, lunch hour drinking requires you to go in fast, get the job done and get the hell out of there after an hour. Here Andy McNab advises how to do it.

It's great to be back to normal, says man downing six pints on a Wednesday morning

A MAN keeps saying how great it is that things are back to normal, as if getting shitfaced in a freezing cold pub garden in the morning was something he used to do often.

36 heroic Englishmen die of exposure in beer gardens

DOZENS of brave Britons have perished in noble and gallant service to their country by getting hammered in beer gardens.

Which politicians would actually be a laugh down the pub?

FROM Farage to Johnson, British politics is awash with awful men whose popularity is based on the spurious notion they would be good company over a pint. But would they?

Five types of twat who are already back at the pub

PUBS have barely reopened and here are the five types of twat who are already there, ruining it for everyone else.

Maverick, and four other phrases arseholes use to describe themselves

UNFORTUNATE enough to meet someone who describes themselves using these phrases? Be aware they're basically just synonyms for 'total prick'.

Pub, think men

MEN across the UK are living on autopilot this weekend while thinking only 'pub', they have confirmed.

'F**k it, let's all go indoors': the five new ways to know you're too pissed

UNSURE how to spot you’ve had one too many now you can’t get kicked out of the pub for vomiting in a pint glass? Here are the tell-tale signs in the age of Covid.