Virtual drinks give man very real hangover

A MAN who drank with mates in a 'virtual pub' has woken up with a very real hangover.

Your guide to holding out till midday before starting to drink

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Calling it a 'taproom' makes getting pissed seem educational

A TOTAL pisshead is delighted that a 'taproom' has opened locally because it makes getting hammered sound like a legitimate educational activity.

Six ways to justify getting drunk even though it's Tuesday

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After the fourth pint we charge you double, admit bar staff

ONCE you’re half-cut we ramp-up the price without you noticing, bartenders have confirmed.

Secret to success is ability to function with hangover

A NEW study has found that the key to social, financial and romantic success is being able to function while horrendously hungover.

Man seductively orders second cheapest bottle of wine at restaurant

A MAN has attempted to impress his date by ordering a bottle of wine from one place above the bottom of a restaurant’s wine list.

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Saturday night plans to 'large it' downgraded to 'medium it'

A GROUP of men in their 30s have downgraded their Saturday night 'larging it' plans to 'mediuming it' instead.

Just buy whatever's cheapest, confirm wine experts

BRITAIN’S wine connoisseurs have admitted that the best wine to choose is whatever is on offer at the supermarkets.