'Sober October' smugness better than alcohol, says woman who barely drinks

A WOMAN who cut a tiny amount of alcohol out of her life has discovered that being a self-righteous goody-goody is a much better buzz.

Hideous alcohol combinations to try and pass off as cocktails

ARE you a semi-alcoholic who enjoys classy cocktail drinking but hasn’t bothered getting all the stuff in? Try these foul concoctions.

'They'll forget about you, too' prosecco warns gin

PROSECCO has told gin to enjoy its moment as Britain’s booze du jour while it can, because it will not last.

How to change a duvet cover drunk

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Playdates a cover for teatime piss-ups

PARENTS are using playdates as an excuse to get smashed in the afternoons, they have confirmed.

Everyone on train pissed

EVERY single person on a 3.30pm train from Bath to Manchester is absolutely leathered, they have confirmed.

Fancy six pints? man says, and means

A MAN has startled colleagues by stating the exact amount of alcohol he intends to drink on a putative night out.

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Woman finally realises that champagne is revolting

A WOMAN who has spent her adult life pretending that champagne is marvellous and special has finally admitted it tastes like farty urine.

Microbrewery slammed for beer that tastes nice

A MICROBREWERY has been condemned by craft beer enthusiasts for brewing a beer widely popular for its pleasant taste.