Microbrewery slammed for beer that tastes nice

A MICROBREWERY has been condemned by craft beer enthusiasts for brewing a beer widely popular for its pleasant taste.

'I hadn't had anything to eat,' confirms everyone who can't handle their ale

EVERYONE who gets pissed on a couple of drinks is continuing to insist it was because they had not had a proper meal that day.

Woman asks for Shiraz because she likes the name

A WOMAN has ordered a glass of Shiraz as she prefers its name to other wines.

How to survive being back at work and still hungover

ARE you feeling sh*t this morning after overdoing the booze all weekend? Here’s how to get through the terrifying day ahead. 

Wine connoisseurs 'missing entire point of wine'

SO-CALLED wine experts are misleading the public about the basic function of wine, critics have claimed.

Living life to the full 'not the same as getting p*ssed every day'

A CONTROVERSIAL new study suggests that leading a rich and full life might not necessarily involve getting sh*tfaced as often as possible.

Woman who refused large glass of wine knocks back four small ones in five minutes flat

A WOMAN who said she had better not have a large glass of wine was quite happy to get hammered on a sh*tload of small ones.

'I just can’t seem to lose weight' says man drinking 15th pint of week

A MAN has complained about his inability to lose weight, midway through his 15th pint of the week.

Five ways to get through alcohol-free evenings

HAVE you started having alcohol-free nights for the sake of your health and waistline? Here’s how to make it through these grim evenings from Hell. 

Lads' holiday booked on afternoon flight forced to sink pints at 2pm like twats

A GROUP of lads are flying to Ibiza so late that they are lining up at the bar and sinking pints at a perfectly acceptable hour to do so.