Morning airport drinking somehow consequence-free, reckon blokes

MEN believe that drinking beer at any time of day is harmless so long as it is carried out within an airport departure lounge.

Women do walk of shame to hen night

A GROUP of women have been spotted doing the 11am walk of shame to their city-centre hotel for a hen night.

How to tell how pissed you are

AFTER consuming large amounts of alcohol it’s not always easy to tell exactly how shitfaced you are. Find out where you are on the ‘pissedness scale’ with our scientific guide.

More beers to announce they are disgusting

FOLLOWING Carlsberg’s brave admission that it is probably not at all nice, other foul beers are publically confessing that they are swill.

The highlights of the 2019 stag and hen season

THE carnival and revelry of another stag and hen do season is almost upon us, but what will be the must-sees in 2019?

The middle class person's guide to pretending you don't drink too much

ARE you the sort of middle class drinker who thinks it’s fine to open a bottle of prosecco every Saturday morning for Buck’s Fizz? Here are some other ways to kid yourself.

Celebratory drinking sessions completely ruin celebrations

CELEBRATING good news by drinking alcohol always ends up blotting out the good news with the effects of alcohol, researchers have confirmed.

Combining alcohol and sex 'is only way to actually have sex'

MOST Britons practise a form of 'chemsex' involving alcohol without which intercourse would never take place, research has confirmed.

Bin men judging you on all those wine bottles

REFUSE collectors are tracking how many empty alcohol bottles you leave in your recycling each fortnight and judging you, they have confirmed.

Man calls Chief Medical Officer after accidentally drinking more than four units of alcohol in a day

A MAN has called the UK’s Chief Medical Officer after accidentally drinking six alcohol units in a day to beg for urgent help.