Man with booze on display thinks he is cool

A MAN who has lined up some bottles of spirits in his kitchen thinks he is like a famous debauched singer from the 50s.

How to survive the beer shortage

THIS week the UK faced the ultimate nightmare scenario - a beer shortage. So how can you survive without the precious, life-giving alcohol drink? Read our guide.

Are you a posh person getting pissed?

PEOPLE get drunk every day, but some of them are posh and so their piss-up sessions are thrilling, aspirational and news. But are you one of them?

Is this a hangover or have you actually died and gone to hell?

YOU drank too much last night. That goes without saying. But was that the sun coming up you remember, or was that radiance the eternal inferno of the underworld? Take our test to find out…

Why I would rather a man who was blackout drunk flew my plane than a woman

LIKE every passenger on that plane, I would rather be flown by a male pilot so drunk he was slurring obscenities and punching out at thin air than by a woman.

Prosecco and Frosty Jack drinkers in park holding each other in equal contempt

A GROUP of Prosecco drinkers and a group of Frosty Jack drinkers have deeply resented each others' presence in a public park.

Queen manically texting to find out what the hell she did last night

THE Queen is frantically texting friends, family and courtiers to find out what the hell she got up to while blackout drunk last night.

Afternoon drinking session descends into men struggling with heartburn

AN afternoon drinking session has descended into a group of middle-aged men each privately trying to manage their terrible heartburn.

Why alcohol is actually fantastic

It’s easy to look at the negative effects of alcohol, but what are the benefits? Read our guide. 

UK rushes to save Bargain Booze by getting shitfaced

SHOPPERS across the UK are rushing to save their nearest branch of Bargain Booze by getting absolutely hammered.