Woman unable to snack because stupid boyfriend 'not hungry'

A MAN asked by his girlfriend if he was hungry has failed to give the right answer, leaving her unable to get a snack without looking like a greedy bitch.

Red Bull releases panic attack in a can

RED Bull have unveiled their strongest energy drink which contains enough caffeine to instantly bring on a panic attack.

Wild-eyed food festival attendees double-dropping Camembert

POSH food festivalgoers are cutting loose this weekend with overpriced olive oil and artisan local cheeses rather than pills or alcohol.

Pretentious man cooks microwave meal in an oven

A MAN with a ridiculously high opinion of himself puts his Asda microwaveable chicken lasagne in the oven, claiming it “tastes nicer”. 

Family likes to freeze food for a year before throwing it away

A FAMILY use their freezer as a convenient place to store food they should just chuck in the bin, it has emerged

Meat tax calculator: How many thousands are you set to save?

THE prime minister has scrapped the meat tax that definitely existed, but how much are you set to save? Find out with this calculator.

'£5 per twist of the pepper mill, you hear me?' says Rick Stein, holding customer up against wall

A CUSTOMER who dined at one of Rick Stein’s restaurants described just how strict his controversial policy of paying for condiments really is.

Northerner would prefer his tapas on one plate, please

A DINER from Leeds has told his waitress he does not wish to scavenge around the table and would like all his tapas served together on a large warm plate.

Five candle-flavoured drinks to pretend to like this autumn

AUTUMN, the season of kicking up leaves, having bonfires and drinking disgusting, sickly, overly-spiced drinks. Here are the worst.

Man who burned tongue on cup of tea has never felt so betrayed

A MAN who burned his tongue on a cup of tea feels like he has been betrayed by a loyal and trusted friend.