Northern pub's 'vegetarian sharing platter' just chips

A VEGETARIAN sharing platter offered by a pub in Huddersfield consists entirely of chips, it has emerged.

Playdate mum shunned for not serving pizza

A MOTHER hosting a playdate has affronted the community by serving children a meal other than pizza, leaving them ‘traumatised’.

Six processed foods worth shaving years off your life for

STUDIES warn that ultra-processed foods will take years off your life expectancy, to which Britons have responded by opening a packet of Hob-Nobs.

Salad great snack while waiting for real lunch

SALADS are a fun and tasty choice for lunch so long as there is a main course of proper food immediately afterwards, it has been confirmed.

Ice-cream van melodies: the top ten from irritating to infuriating

ICE-CREAM vans are a great concept, bringing the cooling balm of a 99 to your very door. But why are their siren songs so shit?

Crispy Pancakes, Pop-Tarts, and other processed food that never did you any harm, probably

THERE’S a lot of concern over processed food nowadays but you grew up eating Angel Delight and you’re fine. So far. Here are some other old favourites to worry about.

Burgers in brioche buns: Current wanky culinary trends that are f**king awful

NOBODY actually wants to eat a burger in what is essentially cake, so why do restaurants think it’s a good idea? They should stop serving this other bollocks too.

Scraping mould off bread: Your mum's waste-avoiding hacks that left you traumatised

THERE’S being thrifty, but your mum went to disgusting lengths to prevent waste. Here are some of her frugal ways that still give you the shudders.

Five ways your online food delivery is f**king you over

ONLINE food delivery is meant to be convenient but ultimately ends up f**king you about. Here’s how it tempts you back to traipsing the aisles instead.

UK's last Bovril drinker unable to explain why

THE sole remaining consumer of Bovril in the UK has struggled to justify why he voluntarily drinks brown, salty water.