Kids preferred it when dad cooked that one time

A MUM was furious to learn her kids preferred the unhealthy concoctions her husband came up with to her lovingly prepared meals when she was away for two days.

Dads looking for new foods to air fry

FATHERS have confirmed that they are excitedly searching for new things to air fry. 

Putting the empty Celebrations wrappers back in the tub, and other Christmas microaggressions

PISSED off after putting your hand in the Celebrations tub only to find empty wrappers and Bountys left? You'll have experienced these other minor Christmas hostilities too:

Mince pie, Chocolate Orange, Twiglets: Your post-Christmas leftovers five-a-day

BEFORE now and New Year, nothing healthier than the dubiously fruity insides of a mince pie will pass your lips. Here are your new five-a-day.

Granddad declares Christmas ruined because you haven't warmed the plates

EVERY effort you have made for Christmas has been entirely wasted because you forgot to warm the plates, your grandfather has confirmed.

Five-year-old riding 6am sugar high

AFTER ploughing a mere fraction of the sweets she unwrapped this morning, a seven-year-old is experiencing a monumental sugar rush long before the sun comes up.

Your guide to being an annoyingly inconsistent vegetarian

MEAT-eaters usually grudgingly respect veggies’ healthy, ethical lifestyle choice. But not the ones with extremely arbitrary ‘rules’ they think it’s fine to break. Such as these.

Middle-aged daredevil eats three different ultra-processed foods at lunch

A MIDDLE-AGED man has amazed onlookers by eating three different ultra-processed foods in one sitting.

Brie and bubbly-flavoured crisps, and other vile Christmas foods the world doesn't need

IT'S still only November but the shops are awash with disgusting Christmas-themed food. Here are some festive offerings which will delight nobody.

F**king vegans have ruined our dinner, say vegetarians

THE popularity of veganism means that meat-free meals in restaurants are also cheese, milk and egg-free as well, vegetarians have complained.