Wetherspoons hit by mass orgasm as pint served with crown on the glass

A Wetherspoons has been levelled by a seismic volley of orgasms after a pint was served in a glass with a little crown on it.

We'll be taking our usual second bank holiday today, admits horrendously hungover Scotland

SCOTLAND has once again admitted that it cannot return to work until tomorrow because it overdid it massively at New Year.

Man convinced he was going to get laid on New Year's Eve in bed by 11pm

A MAN sure his New Year's Eve would end in the throes of passionate sex found himself home alone in bed without making it to midnight.

22 shit ways to spend New Year's Eve

THERE are more shit ways to spend New Year’s Eve than there are stars in the sky. Here are just a few of them.

Six creative ways to avoid a Boxing Day hangover

IF you’ve overindulged on Christmas Day, avoiding a hangover on Boxing Day will be a challenge needing a creative solution. Try these:

Mum pissed

MOTHERS across the UK are very, very drunk right now, it has emerged.

Man drunk before getting dressed

A MAN has managed to get completely shitfaced before getting out of his dressing gown for the third day in a row.

How to have the best Christmas day ever in Wetherspoons

COULD anything beat Christmas Day in Wetherspoons? No. Here’s how the most wonderful time of the year is in the most wonderful pub on the high street.

Lightweight pissed after 10 pints

A MAN who is pissed after drinking 10 pints in quick succession has been branded an 'embarrassing lightweight' by his friends.

What your booze collection says about you

WHICH boozy classics have you got rammed at the back of your cupboard? And what do they say about the kind of person you are?