How to guess which colleague is in the toilet stall next to you: A guide

THERE’s nothing worse than sitting peacefully on the bog when a colleague walks in. Here’s how to discover who the selfish, entitled bastard is.

Boss giving presentation thinks he's doing a f**king TED talk

A MANAGER giving a presentation to 20 bored employees is under the misguided impression he is delivering a dazzling TED talk.

We choose candidates based on their Religious Studies GCSE grade, admit employers

EMPLOYERS have confirmed they only consider giving the top roles to candidates with top grades in their religious studies GCSEs.

Colleague's tits suddenly bigger

A WOMAN who has been absent on medical leave has return to the office with, to her co-workers’ surprise, significantly larger breasts.

Get back in the office or you're fired and fill in your satisfaction survey positively: five contradictory statements from human resources

HUMAN resources want to fully exploit their humans as a resource and for them to be happy about it. These are the contradictory messages you will get this week.

Getting reprimanded politely the worst, employees confirm

BEING told off in a constructive and professional manner by a manager who only wants to help is far worse than a red-faced bollocking, workers have agreed.

Lanyard powerless outside corporate realm

A CORPORATE worker is beginning to realise that her lanyard wields no power in the outside world.

Have you considered becoming a barrister, mum asks middle-aged son

A WOMAN has asked her middle-aged son if he has considered becoming a barrister, with cancer research scientist or Oxford professor as back-up options.

Orchestra conductor and other jobs that look piss-easy but are, in actual fact, even easier

WAVING a baton about looks easy, doesn’t it? And you’re right, it is. Here are some jobs that are, quite frankly, taking the piss.

Man on the dole way ahead of AI

AN unemployed man is way ahead of warnings that AI will end traditional paid work, he feels.