Biden haunted by eerie Trump-like phantom

THE president of the United States has been visited by a ghoulish apparition bearing an uncanny resemblance to ‘that dickhead Trump’.

'Remember 9/11?' asks friend as if it had slipped your mind

A FRIEND has asked if you have any recollection of the most tragic and monumental event of the twenty-first century so far.

Has Britain done enough to rescue the budgies of Kabul?

THE last flight has left Afghanistan. The occupation has ended. But one question still troubles millions of caring Britons: have we done enough to save the budgies of Kabul?

This is all Joe Biden's fault, says everyone actually responsible for it

THE events in Afghanistan are a tragedy and Joe Biden is to blame, according to all the people who directly caused them.

Obviously I've only been appointed to piss off Remainers, by Ian Botham

WHO the bloody hell would appoint a 1980s cricketer as trade envoy to Australia? Only Boris Johnson, and only to troll you. Here’s why I’m completely unqualified.

Six things called 'Great' that are actually total crap

YOU can't make something great just by sticking the word ‘Great’ in front of it, Britain. For example...

US agrees to call Afghanistan a draw

THE US military has generously agreed with the Taliban to call their 20-year conflict a draw.

Why the moral thing to do is nothing: Priti Patel explains

SOME of you – the wrong ones – are getting worked up over what is happening in Kabul. Let me explain why doing nothing is the moral thing to do.

Afghanistan 'just bloody ungrateful'

THE UK has agreed that Afghanistan’s ingratitude for the last 20 years of military occupation is frankly quite hurtful. 

Six unbelievably cheap flights to places you'll regret flying to

LAST-MINUTE holidays are booming, with more and more destinations on the green list.  But what are the real bargains?