How inspired are you? A checklist for celebrating women

THE Lionesses’ victory has inspired women, but only up to a point. Follow our checklist to ascertain your level of inspiration-linked activity.

Euros trophy left in nightclub toilet

THE Lionesses have left the Euro 22 trophy in one of a possible sixteen nightclub toilets, they have confirmed.

Years of hurt counter reset to zero

ENGLAND’S official years of hurt counter has been reset from 56 to zero, operators have confirmed.

Women better than men

WOMEN are officially much better than men, the Euro 22 final has proved.

15 things not to say during tonight's final

TODAY'S Euro 2022 final between England and Germany is a historic occasion which the country is obligated to watch. So avoid saying these things.

Women strangely reluctant to stick flares up their arse for final

THE women of England are exhibiting a bizarre reluctance to stick flares up their arse ahead of the World Cup final, it has emerged.

Men uncomfortable with England team they can't hate

MEN have admitted they are not really comfortable with an England team they cannot slate as f**king useless down the pub.

Five reasons why Sunday's final won't be 1966 with women

THE Lionesses are doing brilliantly, but the upcoming Euro 2022 final is hardly a repeat of 1966 with women. Here's why.

55-year-old pub side goalie reckons he could've stopped that backheel goal

A MIDDLE-AGED keeper for an amateur pub football team reckons he could have saved Alessia Russo’s incredible backheel goal.

Man might support the Lionesses if they win the whole thing

A MAN has announced he might think about backing the Lionesses during the Women’s Euros if they end up winning it.