John Inverdale's Who Would You Rather?

YOU join me at the post-Wimbledon black tie dinner, where once again I must make some of the toughest calls in sport.

Tennis stopped

TENNIS has been declared over following Andy Murray's win.

David Moyes's first day in charge

Noon: Wife forgot to pack Kit Kat - add ‘remind wife to pack Kit Kat for lunch’ to my to-do list.

Formula 1 switches to clown cars

RACING vehicle manufacturers are to base their designs on clown cars following the British Grand Prix.

Joe Kinnear wants Newcastle to play in comet formation

NEWCASTLE United's Director of Football plans to reshape the team formation to all chasing after the ball at once.

Mourinho press conference leaves a disgusting sticky mess

CHELSEA cleaning staff are still hosing down their press room after Jose Mourinho met reporters yesterday.

Real Madrid cracks down on Bernabéu-walkers

DOZENS of footballers have been spotted loitering around Real Madrid’s ground touting for business.