Climate activist 'turning oxygen into harmful carbon dioxide by breathing'

THE hypocrisy of climate change protesters has been exposed after one was filmed inhaling oxygen and exhaling greenhouse gases.

Extinction Rebellion completely change their minds after being shouted at by van driver

EXTINCTION Rebellion has issued a formal apology and disbanded after having some sense shouted into them by an angry van driver.

Wasps such pricks due to low self-esteem

WASPS are nasty little bastards because they suffer from low self-esteem and confidence, experts have confirmed.

Motorist way angrier about Extinction Rebellion closing roads than floods closing roads

A MAN extremely irate about climate protesters blocking roads just shrugs when flash floods do it instead.

Five ways September is an annual disappointment

EXCITED for September? Of course not. The ninth month of the year is an annual lesson in misery and disappointment.

The top six insects that are in your house the second a window's opened

CRACKING a window gets fresh air in, but this parade of six-legged bastards won’t be far behind. These are the usual hellish suspects.

Treading on a slug barefoot and other hideous encounters with nature

NATURE is truly beautiful, until one of these nightmares happens that makes you involuntarily retch.

I oppose global catastrophe more than anyone, but by making me late for work Extinction Rebellion have gone too far

YOU won’t find anyone more opposed to climate change than me. I recycle, I haven’t flown since 2019, and my next car will be electric.

Man undecided on whether to save humanity or save Geronimo the alpaca

A MAN is unable to decide whether it is more important to fight for the future of humanity or to fight for Geronimo the sad alpaca.

'I'm doing my futile best' vs 'Nah it's all bollocks': where do you stand on the climate debate?

DO you feel guilty and powerless in the face of the climate crisis, or do you deny it outright? Environmentalist Tom Logan and mentalist Roy Hobbs debate.