Farmers furious at government giving them same money to grow different shit

THE UK’s farmers are up in arms at government plans to continue handing them large subsidies but to grow slightly different things. 

Climate hero rejects plastic bag and bravely carries loose shopping to Range Rover

A HEROIC man has eschewed using a plastic bag during a trip to the supermarket and carried the loose items directly to the boot of his huge car.

Prince Charles’ guide to living a radical green lifestyle

WITH the planet in peril, it falls to wise yet humble people like me to set an example of living a frugal and sustainable lifestyle. Here are my tips.

Five actual things that happened in a Reading insurance office this week vs five bullshit nothings at COP26

THIS week has been busy at both Buckle Up! Insurance in Reading and the COP26 conference in Glasgow. But which had the more concrete achievements?

We don't give a f**k what the Queen says, confirm all other countries

THE leaders of 25 of the world’s biggest countries have confirmed the words of an irrelevant hangover from the Middle Ages are not important to them.

Has Insulate Britain brought out your inner fascist?

MEMBERS of the public are suggesting extreme measures against Insulate Britain. Here’s what Britain’s closet fascists would like to do.

Five places to swim that will be safer than Britain's waters

FANCY a dip? Avoid Britain’s sewage-infested waters and fatal poisoning by swimming in these places instead.

Man who just got the hang of his boiler says heat pumps can get f**ked

A MAN who spent three years learning how to make his gas boiler turn on at the right time says the government can shove their heat pumps up their arses.

Queen irritated by people who don't do anything

THE Queen has confessed being really irritated by people who do nothing their whole lives but sit around giving well-meaning speeches.

The tortuous thought process of deciding whether you support Insulate Britain or not

ONE minute you think they’ve got a point, the next they’re desperately annoying f**kwits blocking your route to Tesco. Do you support Insulate Britain or not?