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The five most annoying promotional emails you'll get today

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Six videogames you loved that would be shit if you actually replayed them

FONDLY remembering a videogame you were obsessed with years ago? Here are some you should leave in the past instead of replaying and realising they were actually a bit shit.

The six stages of self-loathing after you've clicked on clickbait

UNABLE to resist the temptation to find out what a 90s actress looks like now, or whether a dog had seen a ghost? Here are the stages of hating yourself for clicking.

UOR – Understands Offside Rule – and other letters plebs can put after their names

IF you’ve got a PhD, an OBE or are an MP, you can put it after your name. But what about the rest of us? Martin Bishop UA, IAR outlines a few.

Is your house haunted or are you a gullible idiot?

WAS that a bump in the night, or have you watched too many episodes of Most Haunted? Take our quiz to find out if ghosts are real or you’re a suggestible idiot:

Five loud phone conversations twats are always having

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My busy day, by a scumbag internet troll

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Six very obvious problems with believing in UFOs

A FORMER US intelligence director has said there are more UFO sightings than people realise. These are the questions you need to ignore to believe in one.

Six things to not understand about Bitcoin

WANT to know how Bitcoin and cryptocurrency work? Life’s too short for that, so follow our quick guide to really not getting it instead.

Key in front door substantially increases the need to have a piss

PLACING a key in your front door increases the risk of pissing yourself by up to 97 per cent, experts have found.