Let’s move to the Kent town which isn't as racist as it used to be! This week: Tunbridge Wells

Cosmopolitan couples have migrated from London, displacing the indigenous racists. These days the only residents to be viewed with hate and mistrust are those who don’t have bifold doors.

Your astrological week ahead, with Psychic Bob

You believe you would rebel in a totalitarian society, but you also don’t like upsetting the DuoLingo owl.

The Archbishop of Canterbury on... that fat-shaming fuckwit Sir Cliff Richard

WAKING in a stupor, struggling to recall what room I am in (my own) and who I am (the Archbishop of Canterbury), I recall last night’s reception at the National Portrait Gallery.

I'm riding a headline high. Everyone loves Rishi again. Nothing can spoil this moment. 'The net migration figures are in,' says Cleverly

I SPREAD the headlines out in front of me like a teenage boy with his pornographic magazines. Praise, praise, praise. ‘Net migration’s up,’ says Cleverly from behind me.

Why I'd be f**king class on Strictly, by Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton

Face facts – I’ll piss Strictly. It’ll be 10s across the board and waltzing off victorious with the Glitterball trophy, all wounds of Brexit healed. This is how events will unfold.

Let's move to where pies still rule the earth! This week: Wigan

Pies are to the residents of Wigan what pasta is to Italians, if pasta was sure to kill you. Bakers in Wigan are like Starbucks in Seattle or Prets in London; there’s one on every fucking corner.

Ask Carol Vorderman: I'm 93. Should I start an OnlyFans to pay my heating bill?

I’ve tried to keep an open mind even about changes I’ve disagreed with, like motorways and the polio vaccine, and I’ve heard about this new invention called OnlyFans. Are you familiar with it?

Your astrological week ahead, with Psychic Bob

It’s not just Santa, you can tell kids that anything’s not real. I’ve just done it to mine about hedgehogs.

The Archbishop of Canterbury on... Roger wankshaft Waters

WAKING at the crack of dawn to splashing and a tangy scent, I open my eyes to see I am lying in a grubby tent being urinated upon by Suella Braverman.

'Rwanda's never going to work,' says Cleverly. 'Of course not,' I snap, 'it's a Boris idea'

A YEAR into the job. Inflation halved thanks to my bold efforts. Braverman finally ditched. And here I am, still trying to make Boris’s bullshit work.