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How we made... six f**king terrible songs

DO you love those articles explaining how iconic tracks of the past were put together? Here musical artists recall how they made the hits you f**king hate.

Nation in mourning has definitely not been watching Netflix

THE whole of the UK has spent the weekend mourning, watching documentaries about the Duke of Edinburgh, and certainly not watching Netflix.


Five horror films that are laughable now

THEY terrified you as a child, but rewatching them you’re more likely to piss yourself laughing. These chillers have failed the test of time...

Six reasons why we must never 'find the new Oasis'

PEOPLE have complained that the 20-something generation has failed to produce an Oasis-style Britpop sensation. Here’s why that’s the last thing the world needs.

Six popular song lyrics that are batshit crazy in retrospect

MUSIC fan? Ever listened to the lyrics of a song you love and thought ‘wait – what the f**k’? These songs are, on close attention, completely deranged...

TV shows they wouldn't make nowadays, according to a gammon

BACK in the old days? That was proper telly mate. Everyone’s too afraid of the woke mafiarti to make shows like these anymore, and you should be hypothetically furious.

Whether to watch Finding Dory for the 67th time - a child discusses the pros and cons

AS a child, should you subject your parents to the 67th viewing of Finding Dory, or try a film you’ve never seen before? Here six-year-old Lauren Hewitt weighs up the arguments.

The Mr Men books 21st century Britain desperately needs

THE Mr Men helped us understand the world as children, but where are they now we’re baffled adults? These are the Mr Men books we need today...

Bruce Springsteen fan wondering when he'll write song about Swindon

A BRITISH fan of Bruce Springsteen is wondering why his idol has never written a song about the Wiltshire town of Swindon.

Five films morons think are clever

THINK a film being slightly difficult to follow makes it a work of genius and you a genius for watching it?

Richard Curtis to make unbearably smug middle-class Covid film

RICHARD Curtis has announced he is making Covid Actually, a film where posh, entitled people bumble their way charmingly through the pandemic.

Five TV shows that will be problematic in 10 years' time

IT’S only a matter of time until your viewing habits are cancelled by your kids and you’re declared a wrong ’un. Here are five shows that will age badly over the next decade.