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The gameshows that are incredibly challenging if you're thick as shit

DAYTIME gameshows can be tricky if you can’t tell the difference between a county and a continent. Tune in to these to be baffled.

I, Daniel Blake, and five other Brit films you wish you hadn't bothered with

HAVE you attempted to support the British film industry and regretted it? Here are some films you’re still pissed off about.

Six endings more disappointing than Line of Duty

THE conclusion of Line of Duty saw viewers completely fooled by a plausible twist, so they’ve decided it must be bad. But these endings were worse.

Line of Duty to conclude with right load of bollocks

THE sixth series of Line of Duty is to conclude tonight with a right load of nonsensical double-crossing conspiracy bollocks.

Carrie Symonds to do Strictly and shag dancer

CARRIE Symonds is to appear on Strictly Come Dancing, last until the semi-finals and have a torrid affair with her dance partner, she has confirmed. 

Six misheard song lyrics way better than the originals

EVER discovered you’ve been singing a song wrong and thought, wait, my version was better? These lyrics are vastly improved by being misheard.

Boyfriend's late-night Naked Attraction gamble rewarded with endless parade of cocks

A MAN who put Naked Attraction on in the hope of seeing some sexy ladies has instead spent an hour watching cock after cock after cock.

Six films that definitely shouldn't have won Oscars

EVERY year, the Oscars give eager filmgoers a great guide to what shite to avoid. These six certainly shouldn’t have taken statuettes home.

The five stages of realising you won't be going to a music festival this summer

DID you optimistically buy a ticket to a festival even though it was a gamble as to whether it would happen? Here’s how to cope with realising you won't be going.

All the best music was 25 years ago, scientists in their late 40s confirm

A GROUP of leading musicologists in their late 40s have confirmed that music has gone steadily downhill since 1996.

Six bullshit things that will happen at the Oscars so you don't have to watch it

IT’S the f**king Oscars again. Here are some entirely predictable gaffes, triumphs and controversies so you don’t have to spend hours watching this smug event.

Six children's TV shows still troubling you to this day

UNLIKE the slick shows of today, the children’s TV of decades past was made by crazed surrealists on micro-budgets. Which is why these shows still keep you awake at night.