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'We will still f**k' promise unvaccinated Strictly dancers

THE professional dancers on Strictly who have refused Covid vaccines have reassured the nation that they will still f**k their celebrity partners.  

Raising the ghost of Oswald Mosley: how to save GB News

GB NEWS has lost leading man Andrew Neil and is haemorrhaging viewers as even Farage is tired old repeats. Can anything save it?

Every once good thing now ruined by fans of that thing

EVERY positive addition to the cultural canon has now been irreparably destroyed by its own fans, a new study has found.

TalkSport presenter and other dickhead jobs Andrew Neil could do now

ANDREW NEIL is unemployed after jacking in GB News just three months after he started it. What dickhead job could he do next?

New Coronation Street storyline to raise awareness about being Northern

SOAP opera Coronation Street is to tackle the emotive issue of being Northern in a new storyline, it has emerged.

The six worst films to watch on a first date

MEETING a date for a movie, the coward’s choice for anyone worried they’ll have nothing to say? Choose one of these and you’ll never see them again.

'I'll be back' and other movie lines everyone does shit impressions of

DISCUSSING films? Brace yourself for shit impressions of these memorable lines.

Man happy to spend rest of life only liking Oasis

A 41-YEAR-OLD man has cheerfully resigned himself to an entire life of only enjoying the music of Oasis.

'Play Dancing Queen again': five requests DJs f**king love

DJs are so grateful when inexperienced strangers tell them how to do their job. Become their favourite person with these suggestions.

'Skip intro' button brutally snubbed at National Television Awards

THE Netflix button that allows viewers to skip short intros was once again cruelly overlooked at last night's National Television Awards.