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Six album covers you used to look at that had boobs on

WHEN you were a teenager and explicit content of any kind was hard to come by, there were always these six albums to help you through.

Generation X accepts full responsibility for the Red Hot Chili Peppers

GENERATION X has finally accepted that the existence and popularity of the Red Hot Chili Peppers is entirely down to them.

Seemingly perfect boyfriend watches Question of Sport

A BOYFRIEND who appeared to be perfect in every way enjoys watching A Question of Sport, it has emerged.

UK music scene 'could produce another Ed Sheeran' if allowed to flourish again

EXPERTS have insisted the current lockdown on the UK music scene must continue to prevent a resurgence of awful rubbish which could spread globally.

Man who did Glastonbury at home f**ks off and leaves mess for someone else to clean up

A MAN who did Glastonbury in his own garden has left his half-collapsed tent and all his rubbish for some other f**ker to sort out.

Illegal rave at Chequers later

WHATSAPP messages racing around the country are advertising an illegal rave at Chequers, the country home of the prime minister, this evening.

Man with Glastonbury tickets hit by tremendous sense of relief

A MAN with tickets for this year’s Glastonbury has been brought to his knees by an incredible, overwhelming wave of relief.

Woman ruins favourite song by listening to it for eight hours on a loop

A WOMAN who liked a song so much she listened to it for eight hours straight can no longer endure even the opening notes.

Government asked to save all theatre apart from Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals

THEATRE lovers would like the government to step in and save the performing arts sector apart from crap like Cats.

Five school lessons kids can learn at Thorpe Park

WORRIED your kids will fall behind now the schools are shut? Pack them off to Thorpe Park where they’ll learn these classroom classics.

Little Britain DVDs thrown into Bristol Harbour

LITTLE Britain DVDs have joined the Edward Colston statue at the bottom of Bristol Harbour, it has been confirmed.

Six genres of music you can listen to now you're middle-aged

DO you no longer have to impress people with your taste in music because you’re middle-aged and inarguably uncool?