Are you more embarrassing than Richard Madeley? Take our quiz

RICHARD Madeley has set the bar high for embarrassing behaviour. Find out if you have overtaken him with this quiz.

GB News vs TalkTV: Which reactionary right-wing televisual shite will you prefer?

WOULD you prefer to see Piers Morgan being a gobshite or Nigel Farage being a tosspot? Take our quiz and find out which of these terrible new channels is for you.

Congratulations! You have read your 765th feel-shit article in the Guardian this year

CONGRATULATIONS. You are one of our most regular readers. It’s clear you respect our journalism, free of influence from wealthy proprietors and special interest groups, which makes you feel like crap just reading the headlines alone.

How I am totally immune to advertising, by a man

AS a man I am completely immune to advertising and its crude attempts to get inside my powerful, highly rational brain. Sorry, ad agencies, that’s just how it is. Here are some examples.

Six childhood adverts that really took the piss with the truth

YOUR underdeveloped childhood brain wasn’t great at spotting lies in advertising. Here are some that really took advantage of the fact…

Snog Marry Avoid? and Tittybangbang: how BBC3 was the greatest channel ever

BBC3 is back on TV after years as a sort of online thing. The channel’s millions of fans pay tribute to its legendary high-quality programming.

Subscribe or we go right wing, threatens Guardian

THE Guardian is warning online readers that if they do not pay monthly subscriptions it will move sharply to the right.

All homeless people admit it was the TV licence that broke them

THE UK’s homeless population have confirmed that it was the annual £159 TV licence payment that forced them onto the streets.

Old adverts you'd like to have permanently wiped from your brain

WE all know the Shake n’Vac advert was designed to be so dreadful you’d never forget it. But there are plenty more you’d happily have your memory erased to get rid of: 

Could you be as objective and unbiased as Laura Kuenssberg?

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg, the very fulcrum on which the truth balances, is moving on. Could you be as fantastically impartial?