I do hope referring to him as 'Daddy Bin Laden' on TikTok isn't pissing you off, say teens

TEENAGERS who are faking Osama Bin Laden fandom on social media sincerely hope their elders have not noticed and are not incandescent with rage.

Generation that has unlimited free porn can afford to be sniffy about sex scenes

GEN-Z has confirmed that the reason they do not want to see sex scenes in TV shows is because they have been watching hardcore porn for years already.

'What the f**k am I watching?': Ofcom's actual findings about GB News

OFCOM says GB News breached impartiality rules, but it’s hard to believe that was their only finding after watching hours of unadulterated shit. Here are their actual comments.

What Jesus really meant, by Calvin Robinson the GB News vicar

LIKE Judas, GB News has betrayed me, but that won’t stop me spreading the word of Jesus, who was surprisingly pro-Brexit and anti-woke. Here’s how to properly understand his teachings.

Looks like our ride on this crazy bigoted right-wing rollercoaster is coming to an end. By Fox and Wootton

I’M Laurence Fox, he’s Dan Wootton, and our suspension from GB News surely means we’ve come to the end of our ride on the right-wing rollercoaster of hate.

'It was worth Thatcher for the tits': Britain thanks Rupert Murdoch

THE UK has agreed the 50-year rule of Rupert Murdoch over all aspects of their nation and politics gave so much more than it took.

Shagger of the Year 2006-2008 retrospectively awarded to Boris Johnson

THE Sun has withdrawn Russell Brand’s Shagger of the Year awards and given them to a less problematic candidate.

Man being oppressed by black families in supermarket adverts

A MAN is living in fear of fictional black families in adverts who are abnormally happy about their supermarket purchases.

Latest accusations against BBC presenter 'quite shit'

THE latest accusations against the suspended BBC presenter are shitter than the original, disputed accusations by some magnitude.

Dear Deirdre, I hate the BBC so much I might have f**ked my newspaper

I RAN a story about my pet hate that may or may not be true and now I might lose everything. What should I do?