Nigel Farage 'will be allowed to make love to Lee Anderson on air' - Ofcom

NIGEL Farage and Lee Anderson having full sex live on GB News does not contravene election coverage rules, according to Ofcom.

Kate's photo of Louis is perfect in every way, grovels media that has learnt its f**king lesson

THE British media is heaping praise on Princess Kate’s bang-average photo of Prince Louis in a desperate bid to make amends, it has emerged.

Man disappointed to find MILF not British after noticing continental plug sockets

A MAN is dismayed after identifying a European MILF mislabelled as British when he noticed the two-pin plug sockets above the kitchen counter she was lying on.

Films so much better than books it's not even a contest

FILMS have surpassed books as a medium by so many orders of magnitude it is odd that books even exist, it has been agreed.

How to write a celebrity lingerie article for the Daily Mail: A tutorial

AS the shining light of British journalism, the Daily Mail leads the way in stories depicting celebrities modelling underwear. How do they achieve excellence time after time?

Daily Mail demands apology from Daily Mail

THE Daily Mail has demanded an official apology from the Daily Mail for ‘scurrilous and inappropriate’ coverage of the Princess of Wales in recent weeks.

We ask you: has Rupert Murdoch, aged 92, finally found love?

MEDIA magnate Rupert Murdoch has never have known true love, which is why he has treated the UK so brutally. Could his sixth engagement be his last?

This is a disappointing result for Labour, says media twat trying to spin it all out

AN electoral expert with a mortgage to pay has claimed two by-election wins with huge swings is a very worrying result for Labour.

Betting or cars: The last five remaining types of TV advert

STREAMING has killed live TV, and it’s taken all the good adverts with it. If you’re one of the holdouts with a Freeview box, here are the rubbish ads you’ll be forced to watch.

'Take as long as you need, we won't miss you': candid Royal admissions Britain's media will never, ever make

THE British media’s reaction to the King’s diagnosis is an orgy of fawning about Royal importance. While these widely-held views are never aired.