'I have found another vessel' says demonic spirit known as Nigel Farage

THE bodiless demon the earthly plane knows as ‘Nigel Farage’ has proclaimed that GB News will be a fine vessel for him until he burns it out.

How to wean your parents off the Daily Mail

THE Daily Mail is is unquestionably the worst, most vindictive newspaper out there, but your parents still insist on buying it every day. Here's how to wean them off it.

The five awful adverts YouTube bombards you with

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Five advertising slogans that are absolute bullshit

ADVERTISING is all about creativity, innovation and paying arseholes to make up bullshit. Here are six peak-bollocks slogans.

Admitting slavery was wrong, and five other breaches of GB News' standards

GB News has managed to alienate its core audience of nutjobs by breaching its bullshit broadcasting standards. Here’s the full list of behaviour that goes against the channel’s code of conduct.

Six examples of the ITV curse

ENGLAND fans are worried because tonight’s semi-final is on ITV and we always lose. Here are six examples of the dreaded ITV curse.

1066 and six other historical events, as reported by GB News

THE history we have is clearly biased reporting by the ivory-tower liberal elite. How would it be reported fairly and without prejudice by GB News?

Wetherspoons' Curry Club and the other brands that should advertise on GB News

BUSINESSES including IKEA and Kopparberg have stopped advertising with GB News because they’re Swedish cowards. Which brands should leap in?

People who have no freedom of speech given entire broadcast news channel

PUBLIC figures that never shut up have been given their own TV channel where they can talk endlessly about being silenced.

Can you survive a week being slagged off by the Daily Mail?

KEIR Starmer or Meghan Markle, they all crumble after a week’s concentrated hate from Britain’s most loathsome tabloid. How would you cope?