85 percent of homeworkers list 'get dressed' as number one annual goal

GETTING dressed is the number one challenge for people working from home, with ‘getting out of bed’ in second place.

Entire nation resolves to quit work and open café

EVERY single person in Britain has vowed to quit their horrible boring job and open a lovely local café, it has emerged.

Man working from home forced to hot desk with cat

A FREELANCER working from home is forced to share a workspace with his pet cat.

Office workers having hard time getting used to holding in farts again

OFFICE workers across the country are struggling to get used to restraining their flatulence again, they have confirmed.

'What is this shithole and who the f**k are you twats?' asks bewildered man in office

A CONFUSED man who has returned to his office after a fortnight off wants to know why he is in this shithole and who all the twats are. 

Office techies oddly reliant on Post-Its

AN OFFICE’S tech team appear to be unusually reliant on old-school Post-It notes, colleagues have observed.

'I wasn't drunk, I only had two drinks' says woman who was hammered off two drinks

A WOMAN who was absolutely leathered after two glasses of wine has asserted that she could not have been drunk because she only had two glasses of wine.

HR Christmas party email takes 500 words to say 'Don't do blackface'

A COMPANY’S human resources department has emailed all employees asking them, while not saying it outright, not to black up.

Woman quits job after getting boss in Secret Santa

A WOMAN has decided it is easier to walk out of her job than to buy a Secret Santa present for her boss.

Man who works in marketing thinks his skills are transferable

A MARKETING executive wrongly believes his skills will be useful in a variety of situations, including a catastrophe.