Woman promoted for being least offensive employee

A WOMAN has been promoted for being the most bland and insipid employee at her workplace.

Teacher planning to retire on end-of-term presents

A PRIMARY school teacher has quit her job and plans to retire on the proceeds of the gifts she has received from thankful parents.

Office worker having lovely day off in office

AN office worker has taken a much needed day off for rest and relaxation within the confines of his office. 

Five 'out of office' emails you'd like to leave for the bastards at work

DO you wish you could be brutally honest in your ‘I am out of the office’ email when you go on holiday? Here are some suggestions.

Maverick office worker who doesn't play by the rules immediately fired

AN office worker who gets results by never going by the book and using his own unorthodox methods has been dismissed on his first day.

Are you sh*t at your job or is it all a Remoaner plot?

YOUR mistakes have cost your employer thousands, you’re on your final written warning and everyone hates you. But are you genuinely bad at your job, or is it all a plot by radical Remainers?

Entire office rendered unable to work by knowledge of cake in kitchen

AN entire floor of staff was unable to work for close to an hour because of the presence of a colleague’s birthday cake, they have admitted.

Old work colleagues meet to trash old work colleagues

A GROUP of ex-colleagues has met up to compare notes about the dire fates they hope have befallen the worst people from their old company.

Woman who tells everyone to 'grow up' sounds like a teenager

A WOMAN too immature to ever win arguments simply tells everyone they need to ‘grow up’, friends have confirmed.

Everyone in office meeting has their arms folded

EVERYONE at an office meeting has their arms folded and is refusing to meet anyone else’s eye, it has emerged.