Doorman promoted to revolving doorman

A DOORMAN in London is celebrating after being promoted to the position of revolving doorman.

Seven reasons why it's not your fault

SOMETHING terrible has happened and technically it was your area of responsibility. But it’s not your fault. Here’s why.

Cheese plant wins employee of the month

AN office cheese plant has earned a well-deserved employee of the month award, it has been confirmed.

Man who handed in notice definitely won't be dicking around for a month

A MAN who has just handed in notice will definitely be giving his employer 100 percent for the next month.  

The arsehole's guide to booking a meeting room

EVERYONE hates meetings, but they need to take place somewhere. Here’s how to resentfully arrange your next one.

Woman back from maternity leave discovers absolutely no fast-paced industry change

A WOMAN back at work after maternity leave has returned to work to find that absolutely no terrifyingly fast-paced change has been achieved.

How much do you hate your job?

JOBS. No one likes them except for pricks. But how much do you genuinely hate yours? Let's take a look...

Bizarre email reply actually answers question 'How are you?'

A STRANGE and frightening email reply actually includes a response to the original’s opening question, ‘How are you?’

Team-building day unites staff in hatred of team leader

A COMPANY team-building day has bonded a team in mutual hostility toward their kn*bhead of a team leader, they have confirmed.

Nobody can face opening email titled 'Christmas Do 2019'

NOBODY in a large office can summon the will to open and read an email titled ‘Christmas Do 2019!!’, they have confirmed.