Welsh co-worker cannot go 24 hours without mentioning being Welsh

A MAN from Wales cannot go a full day without talking about it, colleagues have confirmed.

How to make yourself totally unemployable

DO you feel obliged to get a job but can’t face spending your life in an office surrounded by people you hate? Just make yourself unemployable! Here are some tips.

Twenty-minute power nap lasts three hours

A WOMAN who settled down for a 20-minute power nap woke up three hours later, she has confessed.

Man naively thinks last bit of toilet roll will be enough

A MAN wrongly assumed that the last few sheets of bog paper would be enough for his requirements.

Boss makes tea for first time this millennium

A BOSS has made the tea for the first time this millennium, his office has confirmed.

Meetings ‘optimal time to think about sex’

THE best time to think about sex is during a work meeting, researchers have found.

How to be an annoying b*llend about Halloween at work

DO you think it’s fun to skip around the office in a scary mask shouting “Trick or treat?” at people using spreadsheets? Here are more tips on being horribly childish.

Woman with cold hands insisting you feel them

A WOMAN who has cold hands is insisting you check the evidence for yourself.

Woman who brings cake into office expects you to like her

A WOMAN who keeps bringing cakes to her office appears to be ruthlessly forcing colleagues to like her.

Woman typing loudly obviously very productive

A WOMAN who is hammering her keyboard to within an inch of its life must be incredibly productive, colleagues have confirmed.