Most jobs a piece of piss

A MAJOR employment study has proved that most employment in the UK is an absolute piece of piss.

Homeworker not worried about fourth stain on jumper

A WOMAN who works from home has decided a jumper with four stains on it is definitely still okay to wear.

Plucky entrepreneur starts business with nothing but determination and 250 grand from parents

A YOUNG entrepreneur has started a business with nothing but hard work and enough money from his parents to buy a Ferrari.

Are you struggling to take off your pyjamas?

PYJAMAS are delightfully easy to put on but require almost impossible strength of will to take off. Are you managing to get out of yours?

Woman spends another morning wondering why cats are so mean to each other

A WOMAN who is meant to be working confirmed she has spent the time wondering why cats are mean to each other.

A five-step guide to pissing your time up the wall when working from home

DOES your boss stupidly allow you to spend days at home ‘working’? Here’s how to make the most of what is essentially a massive skive.

Today is equivalent of Friday, please work accordingly, say bosses

BUSINESSES have warned employees that due to tomorrow’s bank holiday today is the equivalent of Friday and they should work accordingly.

Child taken into work with Daddy discovers that he does f**k all

AN eight-year-old who went into the office with Daddy for the morning has discovered that he does nothing but chat about football.

The crap teacher's guide to surviving teaching

TALENTED, hardworking teachers are struggling to cope with long hours and excessive workloads. But what about Britain’s many thousands of crap teachers?

Sadistic interview panel knows full well man only wants job for the sodding money

A JOB interview panel decided to make a man really demean himself and talk bollocks despite being fully aware that applicants were only interested in the money.